Bay MR

SPARTAN Bay MR, Class I Division 2, 2,980lm - 6,283lm


UL 844, UL 1598, UL 1598A, and UL 8750; CSA 22.2 No. 137, CSA 22.2 No. 250.0 and CSA 22.2 No. 250.13; Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, T4; Class II, Division 2, Groups FG, T4A; Class III; Class I, Zone 2, Groups IIC; and Zone 22

SPARTAN MR series is one of the most versatile LED luminaires designed for industrial applications and rated for hazardous (Class I Division 2 and Zone 2), marine (UL1598A), and ordinary location use, the MR series is a robust light fixture with optimized features to withstand challenging environments.

Utilising a copper-free and marine-grade aluminium alloy for the housing material, all electronics are well protected from environmental impacts and contaminants inside a pressure-equivalized IP66/67 rated enclosure.

A multilayer powder coat prevents degradation of the alloy while allowing deployment in corrosive outdoor and indoor locations. Increased fin spacing promotes debris shedding as well as optimized airflow to maintain low operating temperatures for the internal power supply and LEDs.

Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses provide maximum protection for LEDs as well as secondary optics. Advanced manufacturing processes allow for the inherit texturing of the protective lens, significantly improving the visual comfort of facility operators and reducing the potential for glare.

Perimeter bands surround all light-emitting surfaces to provide a full cut-off feature, enabling the use of the MR in sensitive environments requiring dark sky (IDA) listed luminaires.

Secondary optics provide a wide range of optical profiles to increase light fixture spacing and reduce the number of MRs required to achieve target illumination levels. A wide range of project implementations has shown the potential to reduce the number of lights required for a project by up to 30% when compared to hazardous and industrial grade LED lights from most competitors.

Solder free component replacements are possible with the MR at the end of life to allow the continued use of the luminaire by simply replacing power supplies and LED light engines / MCPCBs.

Three entry locations in ¾” NPT allow for through wiring, reducing the need for additional junction boxes.

Several standard mounting brackets allow common use cases for the MR such as walkways, hand-rails, stairways, platforms, pole tops, building perimeter, explosion proof wall pack (indoor and outdoor), doorways, low-bays, conveyor belts, surface mounted lights on modular equipment, interior and exterior illumination on marine vessels, saltwater rich locations and much more.

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HousingDie-cast Aluminium with Polycarbonate Lens
Input VoltageAC: 120-277VAC (50/60 Hz) | HV: 347VAC±10%VAC (50/60 Hz)
Power (Typ)29W58W
Current (Typ)AC - 0.25A@120 VAC | HV - 0.10A@347 VACAC - 0.50A@120 VAC | HV - 0.20A@347 VAC
Connections3/4” NPT
Temp Range-40°C to +55°C (Case ~20°C above ambient)
CertificationsCertified to UL 844, UL 1598, UL 1598A & UL 8750; CSA C22.2 No. 137, CSA C22.2 No. 250.0 & CSA C22.2 No. 250.13; Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, T4; Class II, Division 2, Groups FG, T4A; Class III; Class I, Zone 2, Groups IIC; Zone 22
IP RatingIP66/67
Colour Temp5000K (2700-6500K options available)
Lumen MaintenanceLM-80 > 60,000 hrs
Weight4.6 kg (10.4 lbs)

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