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We Are Raytec – The LED Lighting Experts

We are Raytec – the LED lighting experts. We’re excited to release our brand new video filmed from our headquarters in Ashington. Today, Raytec manufactures specialist LED lighting products across four main divisions – Hazardous, Industrial, Transport and Security. Our products are designed to increase safety and security for any application in which they’re installed across the globe. Watch now as our Managing Director, David Lambert, explores what makes Raytec the industry leader.


How Linear Generation II Provides Real-World Results

We’ve recently launched Linear Generation II – an upgrade on the original SPARTAN Linear where we’ve been able to increase power, performance, and durability across the Linear range. Linear is now delivering up to 7,000lm / 142 lumens per watt, and for the first time is available with a choice of beam angles (see below) which are ideal for a wide range of applications.  While this all sounds great on paper, what do these performance upgrades mean in the real world? In this article, we use our award-winning lighting design... Read More


New Webinar – UKCA: A Recap on Everything You Need to Know

A year on from the UK officially leaving the EU, we re-visit the UKCA certification requirements and what they mean for hazardous area products being sold into the UK. In our latest webinar, we recap on what the changes mean and how they could affect you – whether you’re using hazardous area products in the UK, or if you’re purchasing them from a UK manufacturer.  We explore any recent timescale updates we think you should be aware of and take you through what Raytec have done in response to the... Read More


Merry Christmas From Raytec!

From everyone at Raytec, we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022! We want to say a huge thank you to all our distributors and customers that have continued to support us during 2021. Raytec’s family-orientated and hardworking culture, as well as the ongoing support from our customers and partners, has contributed to another successful year in spite of some challenging conditions. We are proud of the team we have, and we are looking forward to what 2022 has to offer.


Manufacturing an Ex Luminaire: How Hard Is It?

An Ex luminaire may seem, on the face of it, a relatively straightforward product to manufacture.  “LEDs mounted to a PCB, connected to a power supply and contained inside a cast enclosure” – is there much more to it than that? In reality, it may be more complex than you’d first imagine; this is partly down to the current global supply shortages of electronic components but also due to the restrictive nature of manufacturing products designed for use in hazardous locations. First, let’s consider the number of components that go... Read More

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New Webinar – Linear Generation II: Product Walk-Through

Let’s take a closer look at our new SPARTAN Linear Generation II! The new luminaire is a natural evolution of our existing Linear, providing more performance, even greater levels of durability, and a host of new features and variants which ensures there is a Linear suitable for any application. In our latest webinar, we walk you through all the new features, analyse the performance upgrade, and explore all the new variants. The webinar covers; New features & benefits Performance upgrades New certification standards New industrial variants Logistics & other information... Read More

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We’re Hiring, Come Join The Raytec Team!

We’re excited to announce that we’re hiring for a number of new roles. We’re looking for positive, proactive and professional individuals to join our dedicated, family orientated team. Raytec are the global technology leader for Hazardous Area LED Lighting and world leaders in LED lighting for safety and security. Raytec have two offices located in Northumberland, UK (HQ) and Ottawa, Canada, and all Raytec products are UK designed and manufactured in-house. Founded in 2005, Raytec have an unparalleled background as the world leader in LED lighting for security and safety,... Read More


Hazardous Area Certification: The Basics

Whether you’re new to specifying equipment for use in hazardous areas or simply looking to refresh your understanding, this White Paper will cover some of the fundamental considerations you should consider when handling a project which involves a potentially explosive atmosphere. While Raytec, and some of the content within this White Paper, is focused on lighting equipment, much of the same consideration should be given to any electrical equipment being used in a hazardous area. What is a Hazardous Area? A hazardous area can be defined as any location where... Read More


Maintenance and Servicing for Ex Luminaires – The Difference Between Sealed & Modular Luminaires

When sourcing lighting to install in hazardous areas, cost, performance and reputation of the manufacturer, are important criteria to consider. But how much thought do end-users give to ease of maintenance? For many, the answer to this question is probably, ‘not enough’. This White-Paper is intended to help end users gain a better understanding of what makes a hazardous area luminaire easy to maintain, and how it can help to reduce costs. The design of a luminaire, and how easy it is to maintain, can vary significantly between different manufacturers... Read More


Warranty Cover for Ex Luminaires: What Are the Hidden Costs?

When selecting an Ex luminaire for a new lighting installation, it is important to specify a luminaire that carries a good warranty. A comprehensive warranty can help to reduce long-term costs and provide an end-user with peace of mind. But what makes a good warranty? Duration of the warranty is perhaps the most obvious factor, but there many other considerations that you should also look closely at when specifying an Ex luminaire. On-Site Maintenance Even with the best warranty, downtime (and the associated costs) are unavoidable if a unit cannot... Read More