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Ex Lighting Guides

Over the years, Raytec have been involved in many interesting hazardous area applications, spanning a wide range of different industries. Using our vast project experience we’ve created a number of ‘application focus’ guides, which cover some of what we’ve learnt and identify some of the key factors to consider when specifying luminaires for certain environments. The guides can be downloaded individually using the links below, and if you’d like to see a guide for an industry we haven’t covered yet, you can submit a request using the button at the... Read More

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CPD Webinar: Is GRP Suitable for Hazardous Areas?

In our latest CPD webinar where we compare the different hazardous area LED Linear solutions available on the market today. GRP enclosures are commonplace with traditional fluorescent fittings, but how well suited are they to more modern LED alternatives? We cover this, as well as other design differences, and consider how they impact an end user in relation to cost and day to day operation. • Differences in housing design and how it impacts performance• Using a smart specification to overcome application specific risks• Identifying whether a Linear luminaire is... Read More

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UKCA: Your Questions Answered

UKCA is a new product marking which affects anyone buying or selling goods in the UK. In this article, we answer some of the common questions we’ve received about UKCA over recent months and put them in the context of the hazardous area industry. What is UKCA? UKCA stands for the ‘United Kingdom Conformity Assessment’ and was introduced following the UK’s exit from the EU. The UKCA mark is used to declare a product confirms to the applicable UK legislation. In most cases the UKCA mark must be placed on... Read More


New SPARTAN Linear Spigot Mount

SPARTAN Linear is now available as a spigot mount variant. With an integrated spigot bracket, the new products are designed to fit poles up to 42mm in diameter and are fully shrouded for environmental protection. SPARTAN Linear Spigot Mount is available in both standard and emergency variants, ideal for new installations or to retrofit existing fluorescent luminaires, providing high performance, reliable, White-Light illumination. SPARTAN Linear Spigot Mount, like the rest of the SPARTAN range, offers a unique modular design. Whereby, key components such as the terminal block and PSU module... Read More

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Application Focus: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing may not be one of the first industries which comes to mind when thinking about typical uses for hazardous area equipment, but in reality, large parts of modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are classified as zoned hazardous areas. Raytec has been involved in a number of pharmaceutical projects over the years, and in our latest application focus, we share some of our experiences and identify some of the key things to consider when specifying luminaires for these types of environments.  Download our application guide to find out more. 

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We’re Hiring! Business Development Manager – Scotland

We’re looking for a full-time Business Development Manager to cover external sales in the Scotland region. This role will suit someone who has previous experience in Business Development, a knowledge and understanding of LED Lighting and ATEX requirements, and is looking for exciting progression opportunities in their career. Contact us for more information! Explore job description here https://www.raytecled.com/downloads/Raytec_-_Job_Specification_-Business_Development_Manager_-_Scotland.docx Why choose Raytec? Explore our candidate pack to see all the qualities, values and perks Raytec has to offer.

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Webinar – UKCA: Everything You Need to Know

With the UK officially leaving the EU, the UKCA mark has been introduced for any hazardous area products being sold into the UK. In our latest webinar, we discuss what the changes mean and how they could affect you if you’re using hazardous area products in the UK, or if you’re purchasing them from a UK manufacturer. We also take you through what we’ve been doing at Raytec in response to the latest certification criteria, and the changes you can expect to see on SPARTAN LED luminaires in the coming... Read More


New UKCA Certification

With the UK officially leaving the EU, did you know that ATEX certification has been replaced by the ‘UKCA’ mark for any manufacturer looking to sell hazardous area products into the UK? At Raytec, we work closely with our UK notified body, Eurofins CML, to ensure our hazardous area certificates are constantly updated and tested to the latest edition of the standards. This has allowed Raytec to be one of the first manufacturers to obtain UKCA certificate numbers. The new certificates will be incorporated into SPARTAN luminaires over the coming... Read More

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Looking Back On 2020

What a year it has been! If you had asked us what we thought 2020 would look like this time last year, I don’t think any of us could have predicted it. That being said, Raytec’s family-orientated and hardworking culture has really helped us through a very tough year, and overall, we are ending the year positively. We are proud of the team we have here, and we are looking forward to the New Year – after a well-earned Christmas break of course! Before then, here is a roundup of... Read More


Raytec Ex-Men – Specifying Lighting for Hazardous Areas

The Raytec Ex-Men are our team of hazardous area experts, here to tackle your Ex lighting queries. Watch our brand new Q&A event, where the Raytec Ex-Men answer questions around specifying lighting for hazardous areas. If you need more information, email our experts athazsales@raytecled.com (Raytec Global) or ushazsales@raytecled.com (Raytec Americas).