Raytec Launch Linear High Output


12 January 2023

The SPARTAN Linear High Output is here!

Raytec have expanded the SPARTAN Linear range to include a brand-new ‘High Output’ variant which delivers up to 14,000lm – twice the lumen output of the standard Linear products – and 144lm/W.

For typical Linear installations, the increase in power will mean fewer luminaires are required across an installation or could mean that a smaller luminaire can be deployed, helping to deliver significant cost savings.

Delivering up to 14,000lm, Linear HO also offers a cost-effective solution to conventional bay style fittings and provides specifiers with great levels of flexibility when it comes to designing lighting schemes. See how Linear HO compares to traditional wellglass and bay luminaires.


Linear HO will also be available as an emergency variant, with several duration and output options available to suit a wide range of applications.

Range Overview

SPARTAN Linear HO is certified for use in hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEX & UKEX), and is available as either a Zone 1/21 or Zone 2/22 variant.  WARRIOR variants, designed for use in heavy-duty industrial environments, are also available.

Linear HO comes in two sizes; the 7,000lm WL84-HO (2ft, 2x18W fluorescent replacement) & 14,000lm WL168-HO (4ft, 2x36W fluorescent replacement). With the WL84-HO now delivering the same light output (7,000lm) as the standard WL168, in a smaller, more compact body, it provides the perfect solution for applications where space is restricted and a traditional 4ft luminaire may not be suitable.

In addition to the performance boost, Linear HO still offers all the same great features of the existing Linear range. This includes Raytec’s unique modular design for quick and easy maintenance, a choice of optics so light can be directed exactly where it’s needed, and extreme levels of durability to withstand even the most challenging environments.

All luminaires in the SPARTAN and WARRIOR range are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

Explore the individual product pages below.

SPARTAN WL84 Linear High Output – Zone 1/21 

SPARTAN WL168 Linear High Output – Zone 1/21 

SPARTAN WL84 Linear High Output – Zone 2/22

SPARTAN WL168 Linear High Output – Zone 2/22 

WARRIOR WL84 Linear High Output – Industrial 

WARRIOR WL168 Linear High Output – Industrial


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