SPARTAN Protects Oil Refinery


21 January 2015

SPARTAN hazardous area LED floodlights from Raytec have been chosen to protect a large oil refinery in the Middle East. In an LED lighting upgrade spanning the whole site, the oil refinery utilises not only hazardous area lighting, but also dedicated street and road lighting, lighting for transport, car parks and other general area lighting – and all from Raytec!

The oil refinery wanted to improve security and safety on site by upgrading to high performance, reliable and energy efficient LED lighting. But with high risk areas across the site, the refinery required dedicated hazardous area lighting, in addition to standard lighting for the rest of the site.

The refinery chose Raytec’s SPARTAN range of hazardous area floodlights to protect multiple oil storage tanks and tanker loading areas. SPARTAN is ATEX compliant and IECEx certified for all Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. It is enclosed in marine grade aluminium, and employs Raytec’s field-proven, long-life LED technology, to deliver high quality illumination for the safety and security of vehicles and personnel on site.

Maintenance Friendly.

All hazardous area products and their components are regularly serviced and inspected. But SPARTAN’s maintenance friendly design has made this much easier, quicker and less costly for the oil refinery; especially considering the remote location of the site.

SPARTAN has a modular design with removable PSU and LED modules for instant access and inspection. The SPARTAN PSU can also be located remotely. This has allowed the refinery to position it at ground level up to 100m away from the light fitting in difficult to access areas.

Highest Performance and Efficiency

SPARTAN delivers the highest performance and energy efficiency whilst ensuring the maximum light output – up to 10,000 lumens. SPARTAN floodlights use half the number of LEDs compared to traditional solutions and require a maximum of only 136W.

Its CoolXtrudeTM thermal management system delivers outstanding power whilst ensuring an operational life of 10 years+. It delivers the coolest running LED technology at all times, with heat dissipation up to 60% better than other LED light fittings. SPARTAN has a wide operating temperature range of -52°C to + 55°C, and is rated for the most sensitive environments – up to T6.

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