SPARTAN Flood Luminaires Transforms Visibility Across Coiled Tubing Unit


20 October 2020

Raytec Ex lighting has transformed the visibility on a trailer-mounted coiled tubing unit (CTU). Working with American distributor Carlton-Bates (CBC), on a project designed out of Fort Worth, Texas, USA and shipped overseas by National Oilwell Varco (NOV) SPARTAN Zone 2 LED low voltage floodlighting have been installed. CTUs are used to transport coiled tubing to and from well sites and support their downhole operations. The SPARTAN flood luminaires have increased visibility on the trailer for night-time operations. As such, routine maintenance on the illuminated structure can be carried out at regular intervals.

Challenges of the Application.

First and foremost, the application required a LED Zone 2 certified luminaire with a 24V DC input. The customer also required a ¾” NPT entry gland. Because of the nature of the application and the trailer being used across different wells, the client was looking for a luminaire which provided flexibility so light levels could be adjusted for different scenarios. Initially, finding a luminaire to address these requirements was difficult.

What was the solution?

The SPARTAN Flood FL24 low voltage luminaire was identified as the ideal solution, thanks to its high power and flexible beam angles. Four SPARTAN flood luminaires were installed onto the unit, two luminaires were attached to the upper mast rest to shine onto the coiled tubing reel, and the other two on the back of the trailer to illuminate the rest of the wellhead. This allowed important equipment, such as the blowout preventer, to be well-lit and easily monitored during night-time operations.

Why was SPARTAN chosen?

Ease of Maintenance

SPARTAN luminaires are designed with ease of maintenance in mind and feature a unique modular design that allows key components to be removed and replaced independently. This means that the unit can be serviced on-site, making maintenance easier and more cost-effective.

This was especially beneficial when it came to the CTU. With 24-hour continuous operations, the system needed to be constantly functional. In the unlikely event of a failure, the client wanted to know they could restore light quickly and easily and carry out maintenance on-site without returning the luminaire to the manufacturer.

Beam Angle Flexibility 

SPARTAN Flood is available in a range of different beam patterns, both circular and elliptical. There is also the choice of beam angles between 10° and 120°.

This functionality meant there was a wide range of beam angles for the customer to choose from to target the light where it was needed accurately. For its oil and gas application, the customer specifically chose the 50° x 50° lens to achieve the correct levels of illumination on the mast and wellheads, without any light wastage.



The ability to modify the SPARTAN range was a major benefit for the customer. In this application, Raytec provided the customer with a non-standard, low voltage unit, and was also able to adapt the product to use a ¾” NPT entry gland, at no extra cost. This is an example of how Raytec goes above and beyond to adapt its products to customers’ requirements.

Lead Time

The speed of supply was another factor behind the client’s decision to select SPARTAN Flood luminaires. Working with a tight deadline, Raytec were able to exceed the client’s expectations, from being able to supply a product for initial testing through to delivery of the full quantity of luminaires in time for the pre-arranged installation date.

In summary, Raytec were able to supply the trailer-mounted coiled tubing unit with high-quality illumination, which would allow maximum efficiency and safety during night-time operations. The SPARTAN Flood luminaires were able to meet all specification requirements for the project, with the low voltage input and a high degree of flexibility, combined with fast supply, which exceeded the client’s expectations. We would like to say a big thank you to Raytec’s distribution partner, Carlton-Bates (CBC), who brought this remarkable project to Raytec.


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