DiscoMan: New Features


30 June 2023

DiscoMan, the discovery and management tool from Raytec, is the all-in-one tool designed to make the setup and configuration of Raytec lamps, simple, quick, and easy. DiscoMan has recently been upgraded to introduce a host of new features, including certificate management which provide lamps with additional levels of security. 

Certificate Management 

With the VARIO2 IP PoE range now secured with HTTPS, DiscoMan Version 2 allows users to manage certificates, either by becoming their own root certificate authority through DiscoMan or uploading their own certificates. Certificates can be uploaded to lamps en masse, making it simple to add enhanced levels of security to your VARIO2 illuminators. 

Ongoing management of certificates is also simple. A new status message within DiscoMan communicates certificate expiry dates so you can keep track of lamp security across a site.  

Firmware Upload 

The firmware of an illuminator can now be managed through DiscoMan for the first time. Previously required to upload firmware to lamps individually via an illuminator’s web page, users can now update the firmware of Raytec lamps via the DiscoMan tool. This new feature allows users to upload firmware to multiple lamps at the same time, making it quicker and easier than ever before.  

Backwards Compatibility 

DiscoMan Version 2 is compatible with all VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators, meaning you can use the upgraded version of DiscoMan to discover and manage lamps in the same easy to use way as before. To take advantage of the new Certificate Management feature, you’ll need to be running the latest version of firmware on the illuminator (available to download from the Raytec website).

The latest firmware will come as standard on any illuminators dispatched from Raytec from the 01/08/23, and can also be downloaded now from the Raytec website for upload to existing lamp (download here)

Check out some of the new features mentioned above in the walkthrough video below; 

Explore the VARIO2 IP PoE range below;

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Download VARIO2 IP PoE Firmware >

Download VARIO2 IP PoE Hybrid Firmware >


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