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All VARIO and VARIO2 IP Illuminators

DiscoMan is the new discovery and management tool for the easiest setup and configuration of Raytec lamps.

A major improvement over the existing discovery tool, users can now set up multiple lamps at the same time, providing significant time savings during commissioning. It is also now much easier to rename lamps or assign them to a group, meaning you can quickly create clusters of lamps to reflect their location on-site. Meanwhile, single lamp setup is still just as straightforward, retaining the simple look and feel of the existing discovery tool.

Users can now also configure settings such as the lamp mode, photocell and external input triggers, all through DiscoMan. No longer does this need to be done individually via each lamp’s web interface.

DiscoMan is the all-in-one tool designed to make the setup and configuration of Raytec lamps, simple, quick, and easy.

Version: v2.0.0.1
Release: June 2023

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