VARIO Empowers 360° Mobile Video Analytics


27 November 2014

VARIO LED illuminators from Raytec have been selected as part of a bespoke, mobile and solar powered video surveillance system, deployed across multiple locations in Germany.

Local security integrator G&G Sicherheitstechnik GmbH had received significant demand for a mobile surveillance solution to provide the detection and identification of subjects at night, from locations which did not have mains power. These included large construction sites, highway and bridge construction, event security, outdoor and open space monitoring.

Specialists in bespoke video and alarm system design, G&G Sicherheitstechnik GmbH set about creating a solution. Good quality lighting was seen as a crucial component, not only so that the cameras could see at night, but also so that the video analytics for the alarm triggers could work to the best of its ability. Furthermore, with the need for a mobile structure, the lights needed to be compact, lightweight but yet extremely powerful to cover the whole site.

“Following extensive testing we chose VARIO illuminators from Raytec as the best performing lighting to work seamlessly with the other system components,”explains Bernd Gerhards Managing Director of G&G Sicherheitstechnik GmbH, “coupled with the fact that they had the lowest energy consumption and gave 100% reliability even under the worst weather conditions”.

Each system includes 3 panels of VARIO i4 120° low voltage Infra-Red illuminators integrated onto a mobile pole structure along with 3 dome cameras, a PTZ camera, and a photovoltaic panel to power the whole system – completely independent from power grid.

“The wide angle IR illuminators that we selected easily covered 360° at a distance of 120m, meaning that we could comfortably illuminate the whole site from one mobile structure!”comments Bernd Gerhards Managing Director of G&G Sicherheitstechnik GmbH.

The powerful IR lighting allows the cameras to generate excellent night time images, “…but the system really becomes intelligent when the lighting is used in conjunction with the video analytics!” further comments Bernd. The high quality and highly even spread of lighting allows the analytics software to accurately identify subjects on scene and trigger alarms which alert the control center that the system is linked to 24/7, or the local police. Quality illumination also significantly reduces the number of false alarms.  Systems with insufficient light produce noisy images that impact the ability of video analytics to detect and differentiate between objects.

Thanks to VARIO illuminators, the bespoke mobile surveillance system is the only solution on the market that can offer a full 360° view, recording and video analysis.

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