URBAN Linear Transforms Working Conditions at Raytec HQ


19 July 2023

At Raytec we have many years of experience in helping our customers upgrade their lighting solutions to the latest LED technology, but the lighting installation at Raytec HQ has been long overdue an upgrade of its own!  

Every Raytec product is designed and built from our manufacturing facility in Ashington, UK. Since moving to the premises a few years ago we’ve been itching to upgrade the existing fluorescent fittings which are used to illuminate production areas. With the launch of our URBAN Linear range in 2022, we had the perfect luminaire to complete the job, and we’re pleased to report that working conditions on-site have now been transformed! 

Existing Installation 

The existing installation predominantly used 2x58W T8 fluorescent fittings, mounted 4.1m above the factory floor, combined with emergency twin spot style fittings to provide backup illumination in the event of mains power being lost. 

With many of the old fluorescent tubes degrading and beginning to ‘yellow’, frequent maintenance and relamping had been required to keep the illumination to an acceptable level. Despite this ongoing maintenance, illumination uniformity was poor with several dark spots around the factory floor. As a result, there was a need for additional task lighting at bench level to assist the operators.  

With the supply of fluorescent tubes being banned from September 2023, the need to upgrade the lighting system to LED technology was more pressing than ever.  

Another issue was the layout of the luminaires. Having been first installed by a previous occupier of the building, the luminaires did not align with the racking located at one side of the factory floor which is used to store parts used by operators during production.  This meant illumination between the racking was below the desired levels and also caused an obstruction which limited the height of the racking. 

The Solution 

Raytec’s URBAN Linear luminaires, specifically designed for Industrial applications, were used to replace the existing fluorescent fittings on a 1-for-1 basis.  While the new installation used the same number of fittings, the more powerful URBAN luminaires meant smaller, more efficient units could be installed in place of the larger 2x58W (5ft) fluorescents. A mix of URBAN Linear WL84 (36W, 2ft) and WL168 (72W, 4ft) luminaires were deployed across the installation. This allowed the total power consumption to be significantly reduced, and combined with SMART capabilities which the URBAN luminaires offer (see ‘SMART Capability’ section below), will result in a huge saving of 88% in annual running costs. 

The URBAN LED luminaires also significantly improved the quality of illumination, increasing average lux levels from 300lx to 400lx with improved uniformity. The extent of the upgrade means the reliance on task lighting is significantly reduced. 

Upgrading the lighting provided an opportunity to improve the existing layout of the installation around racking areas, and the luminaires in these locations were also fitted with specialist optics which are specifically designed for illuminating between racking. The result meant perfect illumination levels were achieved in the storage areas, and also provides scope for the racking height to be increased in the future.

Externally, WARRIOR Mid-Power Flood luminaires were installed to replace the inefficient 250W Metal Halide fittings. With the luminaires programmed to automatically dim outside of business hours, the WARRIOR luminaires have delivered a 70% energy saving compared to the old technology, while also boosting the appearance and security of the site.

SMART Capability 

In addition to the improved light levels, an adaptive wireless control system was deployed as part of the new installation. With each URBAN luminaire fitted with a wireless node, the entire installation can be controlled wirelessly, and provides a host of SMART lighting capabilities, such as; 

  • Tunable white-light – with these particular URBAN luminaires fitted with the very latest tunable white-light LED technology, the colour temperature of the lighting can be controlled and follow the Circadian rhythms of operators to enhance health and well-being, otherwise known as Human Centric Lighting (HCL). 
  • Daylight harvesting – with a master daylight sensor also fitted as part of the installation, the URBAN luminaires can automatically dim down or turn off when sufficient daylight levels are detected.  
  • Presence detection – lighting in areas of the factory which are unoccupied for a period of time will automatically turn off until a person is detected.   

The SMART lighting capabilities of the installation will help to save energy as part of Raytec’s environmental commitments, improve working conditions, and act as a showcase for Raytec’s SMART lighting strategy.

Do you have a similar application which Raytec could help with? At Raytec we love to talk lighting and have a completely freeofcharge lighting design service to help plan and design the perfect solution for your application. You can email us at sales@raytecled.com, or give call us a call at +44 (0) 1670 520 055.

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