Raytec and Oxehealth Helping to Save Lives


27 March 2020

Good news can be hard to find amidst the current global health crisis, but we’re pleased to report that Raytec’s VARIO2 illuminators have been helping to reduce the risk of infection from Coronavirus amongst NHS staff, and to save lives.

Who Are Oxehealth and What Do They Do?

Raytec have been working with medical software provider, Oxehealth, whose Digital Care Assistant (DCA) technology allows vital signs of patients to be monitored remotely.

The DCA system works by using an optical sensor (operating in conjunction with Oxehealth’s software) installed inside a patient’s room to monitors changes in their condition, such as their pulse and breathing rate.

To do this, the DCA system also requires high-quality infra-red (IR) illumination so the sensor and software are capable of picking up precise levels of detail with high accuracy. This is where Raytec’s VARIO2 IR illuminators play an important role. VARIO2 i2 IR illuminators are installed alongside the sensors and provide essential, unobtrusive light, which allows vital signs to be monitored accurately, 24/7.

Saving Lives During Coronavirus Outbreak

We are all doing our part to increase social distancing and prevent the spread of infection during the pandemic of COVID-19. However, our doctors and nurses on the frontline continue to put themselves at risk as they tackle the outbreak.

The Oxehealth system helps to limit the exposure of medical staff to contagious patients, reducing the number of bed-side observations by up to 71%. Ultimately this protects staff, reduces the spread of the infection, and saves lives.

The system also helps to mitigate against staff shortages within the NHS, ensuring resource can be directed to where it’s needed most.

How We’re Supporting Oxehealth

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS trusts are building the Oxehealth system into critical response plans to help protect staff and mitigate risk. This has meant a surge in demand for DCA systems, but also for Raytec VARIO2-i2 illuminators.

We are working closely with Oxehealth to ensure supply of these products continue, and are directing as much resource as possible towards these orders as our factory continues production.

During these difficult times, it’s reassuring to know that Raytec products are playing a part in helping to protect the country, the NHS, and to save lives.

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