Hybrid Provides the Perfect Lighting Solution for Lebanon Palace


17 December 2018

Raytec Hybrid IP PoE illuminators have been installed to protect a residential palace in Lebanon and they are the perfect lighting solution.

The palace located in the Lebanese mountains outside Beirut, lies at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level. The ornate design and treasured contents of the palace meant the client wanted an advanced security solution for the premises to protect both indoor and outdoor areas.

The client approached local security company, Security Engineering, who specialise in complex integration between various systems, to provide an effective solution for their property.

What Were the Requirements?

The client wanted to achieve high levels of security which they could control and activate remotely. Security Engineering recognised this would be best achieved using a range of different devices to provide a complete solution, combining CCTV surveillance with an intrusion alarm system.

As well as the need for an IR lighting solution to assist the CCTV system in the challenging low light conditions, the client also wanted to use White-Light as a deterrent to any potential intruders whenever an alarm was raised.

Which Products Were Installed?

Raytec’s Vario2 IP PoE Hybrid 8 units were selected for use on this project and would be used alongside Optex laser beam detectors and Bosch cameras (equipped with video analytics) and intrusion panel. All devices were linked to a Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) which would be used to control the system.

Together, these devices would provide the client with the CCTV surveillance and intrusion alarm system they required and would be connected using TCP/IP technology in a unified communications protocol.

What was the Solution?

As the only IP enabled illuminator combining White-Light and Infra-Red into a single unit, Raytec’s Hybrid illuminators provided the client with the greatest level of functionality, flexibility and control.

In Infra-Red mode, the illuminators provide high quality images for general night-time surveillance. The quality of illumination meant the camera analytics could clearly identify any intruders approaching the palace and boosted the accuracy of detection. Crucially for the client, Hybrid‘s dual functionality also meant White-Light could be triggered as a deterrent (when an alarm was activated by the camera analytics or the Optex laser beam) to scare off any intruders.

As well as being able to easily control the entire system remotely through the VMS, the entire system also linked to an indoor keypad or mobile app which had to be activated in order to alarm the system. This ensured the deterrent lighting was only enabled when needed and couldn’t be triggered by false alarms.

Due to low light challenging conditions, and in order to maintain quality and efficiency of our Bosch cameras, we decided to use Raytec product for the advanced features it offered in enhancing the overall night image and delivering optimized end result of the camera under the given circumstances.
Khaled Jaber (Security Engineering Managing Director)

Why was Raytec chosen?

From the outset, Security Engineering identified the need to use both Infra-Red and White-Light illumination lighting solution. Combining Infra-Red, White-Light and IP capability in a single illuminator, Hybrid represents the most advanced product of its type in today’s security market, providing the client with a more dynamic security response and tight integration with the other devices being used as part of the solution.

Thanks to Hybrid’s IP capability, all elements of the solution could work together seamlessly. As an open platform, all Raytec IP illuminators can easily integrate with a wide range of security devices; in this instance, Optex detectors and Bosch cameras.  This gave Security Engineering greater flexibility when specifying their solution.

Hybrid’s dual use also helped to reduce the number of illuminators used on-site (previously the client would have had to install separate, dedicated White-Light and Infra-Red illuminators), reducing outlay on infrastructure and cabling by half.

With no compromise on performance, Hybrid achieves the same power and distance as two dedicated illuminators; an important factor for the challenging low light conditions.

To discuss how Hybrid could benefit your project, call us on +44 (0) 1670 520055, or email Raytec Global at sales@raytecled.com  or Raytec Americas at ushazsales@raytecled.com.


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