GIT Security Awards – Raytec Have Been Shortlisted! 


15 August 2023

We are delighted to reveal that Raytec has been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories for the 2023 GIT Security Awards. 

The VARIO2 range of illuminators for the security and transport industry, as well as SPARTAN, a range of LED luminaires certified for use in hazardous areas, provide innovative lighting technology suitable for a range of applications; from offshore rigs to ANPR installations. The nominated products adhere perfectly to the ‘Video Security & Video Management’ and  ‘Occupational Safety and Health & Explosion Protection’ categories  and deserve to be recognised as outstanding innovations within the security, transport and hazardous area lighting markets.  

Award 1 – VARIO2 730nm 

Video Security & Video Management


VARIO2 730nm illuminators offer an innovative solution for driver recognition applications that require image capture inside the vehicle. With modern vehicle windscreens filtering out certain wavelengths of light to shield occupants from the effects of the sun, seeing inside the vehicle can be extremely difficult. After regular testing and analysis of different wavelengths of light, Raytec developed a range of 730nm products. These illuminators provide a significant step forward for intelligent transport systems in being able to illuminate and identify people inside the vehicle. VARIO2 730nm illuminators have been deployed across various transport applications, such as HOV lanes and mobile phone detection systems. 

Award 2 – SPARTAN Linear High Output 

Occupational Safety and Health & Explosion Protection 


SPARTANLinear High Output provides a step-change in how Linear luminaires can be deployed in applications which have been designated as a Zone 1/21 or Zone 2/22 hazardous area. Offering twice the lumen output of standard Linear products, reaching an impressive 14,000 lumens. By reducing the number of fittings required across an installation, Linear High Output allows end users to significantly cost savings. 

The new Linear High Output also breaks the mould of conventional bay-style fittings by providing a cost-effective alternative for applications which traditionally utilise bay-style fittings. Linear HO utilises optics, high-efficiency LEDs, and cutting-edge driver technology, providing end-users with greater flexibility in the types of applications in which Linear luminaires can be installed.

Voting closes for GIT Security awards 1st September 2023 – Vote for us now!



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