Fluorescent Lighting Ban: Everything You Need to Know

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28 July 2023

With the sale of T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes now banned in the UK and Europe, the need to find alternative solutions to traditional lighting technology is more pressing than ever.

The ban will cause the availability of fluorescent tubes to plummet, while stock available through wholesalers could be at significantly inflated prices.

So what does the ban mean for you? In this webinar, Raytec tackles the key factors to consider for anyone who is still using fluorescent lighting on their site. We explore everything you need to know about the ban, including;

  • Why the ban is being introduced
  • Timescales and key dates to be aware of
  • The impact of the ban on those still using fluorescent luminaires
  • How to minimise the impact of the ban
  • Upgrading to LED and how to specify the correct luminaire

Watch our webinar below.


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