Why Choose SPARTAN Linear High Output?


14 July 2023

SPARTAN Linear High Output offers twice the lumen output of standard Linear products – reaching an impressive 14,000 lumens.

The utilisation of Raytec’s newly developed, highly efficient driver, allows Linear High Output to achieve up to 144lm/W. Retaining all the same excellent features as standard Linear, HO variants utilise Raytec’s unique modular design, choice of optics, all while providing extreme levels of durability.

The significant increase in performance means a 2ft High Output Linear (WL84-HO) offers the same light output as an existing 4ft standard output Linear (WL168). With standard Linear variants still providing the ideal solution for retrofit applications when replacing existing fluorescent fittings, Linear High Output offers several benefits for new installations.

Easier Installation 

A smaller, more powerful luminaire helps to make the job of the installer easier by reducing the size and weight of each fitting, or the number of luminaires per project – without compromising on performance. The WL84-HO (2ft) luminaire is 3kg lighter and 490mm shorter than the standard WL168 (4ft) luminaire.

  • Size and weight– Using a smaller, more powerful 2ft High Output luminaire, is easier to install and delivers equivalent performance to standard 4ft luminaires.
  • Design flexibility– The 2ft High Output luminaire is ideal for locations where space is restricted and a 4ft fitting may not be suitable – without compromising on performance.
  • Installation Efficiency – Using a larger, more powerful 4ft High Output luminaire delivers twice the performance of a standard 4ft fitting and means the total quantity of fittings required per project can be reduced. This allows for a more efficient, cost-effective installation.

Greater Flexibility 

The new High Output luminaires also provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional bay fittings.

  • Optics targeted precisely – Asymmetrical optics are available, allowing the increased light output to be targeted precisely where it is needed – making High Output Linear the ideal luminaire for walkways and warehouses.
  • Emergency variants – High Output Linear is available as an Intelligent Emergency variant, allowing end-users to integrate emergency solutions, with self-test capability, as part of their lighting scheme for warehouse type applications.

Reduced Capital Expenditure

The power increase which High Output variants deliver means users can utilise a smaller Linear fitting, with a lower purchase cost, to achieve the same levels of light.

  • Unit cost saving – 2ft High Output variants have a lower unit cost than Raytec’s 4ft standard Linear. This means a user can save an average of 15% per luminaire without compromising on performance.
  • Fewer luminaires – utilising the larger 4ft High Output Linear allows users to reduce the number of luminaires required per project, providing significant capital expenditure savings while also reducing installation costs.


Raytec offers a range of High Output Linear variants with a significant increase in power compared to our standard variants. For typical Linear installations, the increase in power will mean fewer luminaires are required across an installation or could mean that a smaller luminaire can be deployed, helping to deliver significant cost savings and greater installation flexibility.

SPARTAN Linear HO also provides a comprehensive range of LED bay lighting solutions for hazardous and industrial applications, which can provide customers with significant capital expenditure savings.

Get in contact with us to discuss your requirements, or to utilise our free lighting design service to ensure you achieve the most efficient and cost-saving lighting solution for your application. You can email us at sales@raytecled.comor give call us a call at +44 (0) 1670 520 055.



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