Raytec Upgrade Flood & Bulkhead Product Range


3 November 2022

We’ve recently made some upgrades to the Zone 1 and Zone 2 variants of our Flood and Bulkhead lights. In this short article, we’ll explore some of the improvements in performance and efficacy. 
The introduction of the SPARTAN Mid Power Flood, combined with upgrades to the existing range, means Raytec now offer a comprehensive range of well-engineered, cost-effective floodlight solutions across a broad range of lumen outputs from 2,250 to 25,000 lumens. 

SPARTAN FL Flood Upgrades

LED upgrades to the SPARTAN flood range, including the FL24 and FL48 Flood, have allowed us to increase the lumen output by an impressive 70%. Let’s compare the existing FL24 and FL48 products with the new updated versions, using the Zone 1 variants as an example; 

With these upgrades, the FL24 and FL48 Flood products will remain an important part of the SPARTAN portfolio; leading the floodlight range for emergency performance, as well as providing low voltage, extra low voltage, and DC solutions. 

SPARTAN Bulkhead & BL24 Flood

We’ve also made some improvements to the SPARTAN Bulkhead range with an LED upgrade which improves performance and efficiency. The upgraded LEDs have helped to reduce power consumption by 40% while maintaining the same light output. 

We’ve also introduced an innovative new bracketry solution to the existing Bulkhead platform. The new bracket allows full rotation of the luminaire and delivers a cost-effective floodlight – the SPARTAN BL24 Flood. The BL24 Flood replaces the existing SPARTAN FL12, which has now been made obsolete. In addition, a high-output version of the BL24 Flood, delivering 4,250lm, is also now available.


The 10,000 and 15,000lm variants of the High Power Flood and Bay luminaires have now been discontinued due to the release of the new Mid Power Flood and Bay variants, which offer the same output but as a more cost-effective and installation-friendly solution.



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