New Product: WARRIOR Conveyor


15 August 2022

The WARRIOR Conveyor is here!

We’re excited to launch the new WARRIOR Conveyor, designed specifically for conveyor applications that require high-performance, reliable, White-Light illumination.

The luminaire has been designed with a dedicated conveyor optic, that targets the light along the length of a conveyor belt to help reduce the total number of fittings required for each installation. The beam angle has been designed to maximise the distance between luminaires – up to 12m spacing at a 2.4m mounting height can be achieved with excellent uniformity.

The integrated spigot bracket is designed to fit poles from 32-45mm in diameter and is fully shrouded for environmental protection.

Emergency versions are also available which provide backup illumination in case of a loss of power – achieving up to 3 hours of emergency lighting at 25% power.


Alternatively, speak to one of our experts here to find more about the Warrior Conveyor.

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