Warranty Cover for Ex Luminaires: What Are the Hidden Costs?


30 September 2021

When selecting an Ex luminaire for a new lighting installation, it is important to specify a luminaire that carries a good warranty. A comprehensive manufacturer warranty can help to reduce long-term costs and provide an end-user with peace of mind. But what makes a good warranty? Duration of the warranty is perhaps the most obvious factor, but there many other considerations that you should also look closely at when specifying an Ex luminaire.

Warranty Cover for Ex Luminaires: What are the hidden costs?

On-Site Maintenance

Even with the best warranty, downtime (and the associated costs) are unavoidable if a unit cannot be maintained on-site if something does go wrong. Modular Ex luminaires are specifically designed in a way that allows them to be opened up and accessed for maintenance, without invalidating certification. However, many Ex luminaires are factory sealed, which means on-site maintenance is restricted and in most instances must be returned for the manufacturer. Even if the manufacturer’s warranty covers the cost of the repair, the associated costs with downtime and shipping the luminaire could be significant.

What’s Actually Covered?

Some warranties may only cover mechanical problems (such as corrosion to the luminaires housing). But what about electrical components, such as the luminaires PSU, where failures are more common? If they are not covered by the warranty, the manufacturer will not be obligated to rectify the problem should something go wrong. Furthermore, the labour cost to repair the fault could come as an extra charge to the end-user.

Return Shipping

If the unit has to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, it will generally be the responsibility of the end-user to cover the cost of doing so. In some instances, they may also be expected to cover the cost of getting the unit back to site after the repair has been carried out; even if the repair has been covered under warranty. This will depend on the manufacturer’s terms, so it’s always best to check if you’re unsure.

Is a Repair Possible?

In some instances where the luminaire is sealed for life (luminaire cannot be opened and components cannot be changed) even the manufacturer may be unable to repair the luminaire. This issue is amplified for issues not covered under warranty. It means the end user is more likely to have to pay for an entire replacement, rather than just covering the cost of repair. The expense of this is likely to be significantly larger than the end-user would have anticipated.


Warranty terms vary between different manufacturers. Some warranties may include a reference to manufacturer ‘discretion’, which gives the manufacturer more authority and flexibility in deciding how warranty claims are resolved. As an example, the manufacturer may have the discretion to resolve a problem by repairing the luminaire, replacing it with an equivalent, or issuing a credit instead; regardless of the customer’s preference.

Raytec’s Warranty Cover

At Raytec, our products are specifically designed to be maintained on-site if necessary, thanks to a unique modular design.

We offer a comprehensive five-year warranty that protects against defects in components or workmanship, and includes the luminaire’s PSU. To explore a full summary of what is included in the Raytec warranty, read our warranty statement here.

If you have any questions about warranties or maintenance of Ex luminaires, contact us here.

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