3 Ways SPARTAN Linear Saves You Money


25 August 2021

Raytec have recently launched the second generation of SPARTAN Linear luminaires designed for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas. The new Linear sees a boost in performance, a choice of new optics, and is now also more durable than ever before. In this article we focus on Linear’s performance upgrade and how it can help you to save money on your project.

SPARTAN Linear now delivers over 7,000 lumens, representing a significant increase in power, but crucially, the new Linear is also far more efficient than before (49W). This means Linear can now deliver an impressive 142 lm/w.

To look at this in practical terms, let’s use a typical application (a 14x14m square room) to compare the old version of SPARTAN Linear with the latest Generation II variant.

Using the results of this relatively modest sized installation, we can identify three areas where costs can be saved;

1) Lower Investment Cost

Thanks to the increase in power that Linear Generation II boasts, the total number of fittings across the site can be reduced. In this relatively modest sized application, the number of luminaires installed has been reduced from 20 fittings to 16, while overall lux levels have actually increased. This provides a greater return on investment and means the investment cost in a project can be reduced from the very outset.

2) Lower Installation Costs

The reduction in the number of luminaires needed also allows users to capitalise on a reduction of installation costs. While time and labour cost can be saved by having fewer luminaires to install, the most significant saving (for new installations) comes from the reduction in ancillary equipment required, such as cables, glands and bracketry. This is especially true for hazardous area installations given that the cost of cables and glands often come at a premium due to their compliance requirements.

3) Lower Operating Costs

Above everything, the biggest cost saving is the ongoing, longer-term operating costs. This is thanks to the increased efficiency of Linear Generation II which now delivers up to 142 lm/w. Across this relatively modest installation, a 45% reduction in energy consumption can be achieved. Across larger sites using vast numbers of fittings, SPARTAN Linear’s increased efficiency will provide huge savings over the life of the luminaire.

The latest SPARTAN Linear luminaires are at the forefront of LED technology, providing the best levels of performance and efficiency, and delivering huge cost savings. Raytec can help provide you with a free of charge lighting design where we can demonstrate performance and cost savings specific to your site. To arrange this, call us on +44 (0) 1670 520 055, or email Raytec Global at sales@raytecled.com.


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