Lockdown Your Security With the New VARIO2 IP PoE


25 September 2020

We’re delighted to introduce a host of exciting new features to our VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators. Already delivering world-leading performance and reliability, the latest upgrades provide an even greater level of control and security. In this article, we explore these new features in more detail.

Easier Setup and Access

The latest VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators allow for easier setup and access. During setup, each individual lamp is now automatically assigned a random IP address. This ensures lamps never become ‘lost’ during setup and increases the ease and speed of commissioning. Combined with DiscoMan, Raytec’s new discovery & management tool which was released earlier this, setup and access of VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators has never been easier.

Advanced Diagnostics

VARIO2 IP PoE illuminators now also provide users with more advanced diagnostics. Accessed via the integrated web interface, lifetime diagnostics are now available to provide information about the lamp’s usage and history, such as the max voltage input and total illuminator on-time since being installed.

VARIO2 IP PoE now offers greater diagnostic functionality for those using the illuminators as part of a third-party system. Fault triggering is now available which allows the user to detect faults using the external output. As well as enabling the user to monitor the illuminator’s input voltage status, it can also be used to identify any LED faults our power outs.

These new features allow users to obtain more detailed diagnostic information quickly, and remotely. Ultimately this saves time and money and provides the user with greater confidence in the illuminator’s overall heath.

More Secure

With high levels of security being paramount for many applications, it was our mission to make the latest VARIO2 IP PoE more secure than ever.  We’ve established this through stricter access control and the availability of a secondary access port;

Stricter Access Control – VARIO2 IP PoE now offers stricter access control when first accessing the lamp. Before being able to access the integrated web interface, the user is forced to change the password. This means the user is no longer able to use a default password to set up the lamp and ensures a greater level of site security.

Secondary HTTP Port Access – access via a secondary HTTP Port is now available with VARIO2 IP PoE. The standard Port 80 can be disabled, and the lamp accessed via a secondary HTTP port. With generic webpages normally hosted on Port 80, having a secondary access port increases the overall security of the lamp, decreasing the risk of the lamp being hacked. The secondary port also makes VARIO2 IP PoE the ideal solution for applications where port 80 has been blocked for greater system security.

IEEE 802.3bt Compatibility

In addition to these new features across the IP PoE range, i8, w8 and hy8 variants are also now bt compatible and can be used with equivalent bt compatible power equipment and injectors. The introduction of bt compatibility into the VARIO2 IP PoE range brings new opportunities and will allow the illuminators to be used as part of a wider range of security systems than ever before.

VARIO2 IP PoE represents the forefront of network illumination, and Raytec are proud to offer the most comprehensive range of network illuminators on the market.

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