New 730nm: The wavelength for Driver and Passenger Recognition


31 July 2019

Raytec are delighted to launch VARIO2 730nm illuminators, a breakthrough product in the transport sector.

The ability to identify drivers and passengers through a windscreen is becoming an increasing demand in transport applications around the world. Capturing a high quality, clear image inside the vehicle requires significantly more light than a typical ANPR/LPR application. This needs to be considered when choosing the correct wavelength.

After testing various wavelengths of light to see how they compare (read full article here) we have identified that 730nm provides the best results and allows identification of the person in the vehicle.

Featuring angles from 10 to 120 degrees and advanced security settings, VARIO2 730nm illuminators are the next step in transport applications.


To find out more about this new range, contact us here or call us on +44 (0) 1670 520055 (Raytec HQ) or +1 613 270 9990 (Raytec Americas) to discuss your VARIO2 windscreen visibility requirements.

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