EIC Awards: Raytec Named as Finalist for Intelligent Emergency


24 July 2019

We’re excited to announce that our Intelligent Emergency luminaires have been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 EIC (Energy Industries Council) National Awards for the Technology category.

Emergency Ex lighting plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety in a hazardous area environment when an emergency scenario occurs. At Raytec, we knew it was imperative that we created a product that checks and indicates the health of the luminaire effectively, lowering maintenance costs and time spent maintaining a luminaire.

Our SPARTAN Intelligent Emergency products feature an innovative automatic testing function that is programmed to cycle the batteries, checks the health functionality of the luminaire and communicates this via an LED indicator. This product performs three different testing procedures to ensure the luminaire is operating correctly and the emergency battery system is functioning at its optimum level. All our SPARTAN Intelligent Emergency luminaires can maintain 100% light output in emergency mode for up to three hours and are available in both SPARTAN Linear and Bulkhead ranges.

We’re thrilled that Intelligent Emergency has been shortlisted as a finalist in the EIC awards. By making Ex luminaires easier to maintain, more reliable, and ultimately safer, we believe Intelligent Emergency is the future of emergency lighting in hazardous areas” Comments Barry Thompson, Raytec’s Director of Hazardous Area Division.

SPARTAN Intelligent Emergency luminaires are the first of its kind on the market, taking innovation, safety and performance of emergency luminaires to the next level!

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