3 Reasons to Upgrade to Hybrid


27 September 2018

At Raytec we’re very proud of our Hybrid illuminators. Hybrid combines White-Light and Infra-Red technology into a single illuminator, and with variants which feature full IP connectivity, represent the most advanced product of its type in today’s security market. In this article, we look at some of the key benefits in more detail.

 2-in-1 Solution

With Hybrid combining White-Light and IR into a single unit, the number of illuminators on-site can be reduced along with the amount of cabling and other infrastructure required; ultimately reducing overall capital outlay. However, what about performance compared to a dedicated, separate, White-Light or IR illuminator?

As a 2-in-1 solution, Hybrid doesn’t compromise on performance, achieving the same power and distance as two dedicated illuminators. Because IR and White-Light are never switched on at the same time, the LEDs in each half are kept cool by the illuminator’s heat sync which draws heat away from the whole illuminator. This means the White-Light LEDs can be driven harder to achieve greater performance from fewer LEDs, while the IR LEDs are double stacked to boost distances, while still offering the same reliability and long-life as Raytec’s dedicated White-Light and IR Illuminators.

Dynamic Control

A single illuminator delivering two wavelengths of light provides a quicker, more dynamic security response. IR can be used for covert surveillance, while White-Light can be triggered as a deterrent or to provide colour cameras with better images.

When considering the use of IP and network-controlled variants, the VMS or web interface used to control the power, timing and pattern of light, can also be used to control the wavelength and switch seamlessly between White-Light and IR. This can be adjusted manually, in real-time, or integrated with other security devices to deliver pre-programmed lighting responses for different situations.

Better Evidential Images

A bullet camera with built in LEDs, or a dedicated IR illuminator, provide cameras with black and white images. However, when used in conjunction with colour cameras, the ability to deploy White-Light on demand (i.e. when an intruder is detected) provides more detailed colour images. This means features such as hair colour and other distinguishing characteristics can be identified, which could be important information if prosecution is required.

In summary, Hybrid illuminators provide a more complete solution which improves the quality of a surveillance system by allowing a more dynamic security response (especially with IP-enabled variants), while providing more detailed and useful images.

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