Raytec Launch New Pulsed Illuminators for Traffic Applications


4 December 2017

Raytec are proud to launch PULSESTAR, a new range of high-intensity pulsed LED illuminators designed for transport applications including ANPR/LPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition/License Plate Recognition), and ACCR/ACNR (Automatic Container Code/Number Recognition).

PULSESTAR delivers on-demand lighting to perfectly illuminate fast moving objects. The lighting pulse of the illuminator can be easily synced with the camera shutter via a TTL input to ensure maximum light levels precisely when necessary. Pulsed LED technology delivers significant uplifts in illuminator performance compared to equivalent non-pulsed illuminators when used in combination with fast shutter cameras and pulsing also increases the lifetime of the LED and boosts energy savings.

Featuring up to 880W of lighting drive power and using cutting-edge PLATINUM Elite twin-core SMT LEDs with an interchangeable lensing system, PULSESTAR delivers outstanding illumination power on scene for the best image capture performance from image analysis and LPR systems. Combining Raytec’s field-proven pulsed technology and intelligently managed high-intensity LEDs in an extremely durable build, PULSESTAR illuminators are long-life and low maintenance making them perfect for difficult to access transport installations.

“Raytec have over a decade’s experience in supporting ANPR/LPR installations with LED lighting globally” comments David Lambert, Managing Director (Joint) “Built on this expertise we are proud to introduce the PULSESTAR range which addresses a void in the market for purpose-designed pulsed LED lighting for transport applications”.

The PULSESTAR series is available as a full range of Infra-Red and White-Light pulsed LED illuminators.


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