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29 November 2017

When specifying LED replacements for your traditional flood and bay luminaires, the most important factor to consider and compare is ‘delivered lumens’ i.e. the amount of useable light, discounting losses and wasted light.

Traditional Ex luminaire manufacturers often only quote lumens at source, i.e. lumens at the bulb before it’s travelled through any lensing. But traditional Ex light fittings are typically only around 60% efficient in transmitting useable light out of the luminaire, meaning that the delivered lumens can often be up to 40% less than quoted. In addition, consumption is usually quoted without considering gear losses, so you’ll often find the ‘true’ consumption of your traditional Ex luminaire to be up to 15% more.

In contrast, Raytec Ex LED White-Light luminaires are >90% efficient, delivering more lumens per watt and achieving significant power savings over traditional Ex fittings. They also have a much higher CRI (or true colour representation) than traditional luminaires, and deliver a highly directional beam of light with minimum wastage. This gives the appearance or perception that the illuminated area is in fact much brighter.

25K Lumens at Source:

25K Delivered Lumens:

Our recommendations are based on ‘lux for lux’ on the ground, but many Raytec customers enjoy further energy saving benefits by using a lower lumen LED fitting due to the perceived brightness of LEDs to the human eye. This concerns mesopic vision and the mesopic effectiveness of an LED lighting solution – but that is a topic for a different article.

Download our free upgrade guide to see our recommended product solutions for upgrading your traditional Ex fitting to an LED luminaire here.

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