Creating Smarter Systems with Network Lighting


19 September 2017

Lighting has always been an essential component of high security video surveillance systems but has historically been treated as a stand-alone accessory. However, with the development of Network Lighting, it firmly places illumination at the very core of our security systems and unlocks more intelligence than ever before. It enables us to use lighting as an interactive and dynamic tool which can respond instantly to any situation at any time.

IP Lighting can be fully automated to operate even if your site is unmanned. It can be triggered from any alarm or event on the network through integrations with other network devices, including VMS / BMS systems, cameras, detectors and many more.

For example you may be using invisible Infra-Red lighting to help your cameras generate detailed night-time images, and also help your video analytics to accurately identify any intruders and relay a reliable alarm. You can trigger an AUTOMATIC lighting response from any system alarm or event.

With the ability to group your lighting into key operational zones, you could trigger your whole perimeter fence line of illumination into deterrent mode (flashing) in response to a security breach. This will provide a highly effective warning and proactively deter any crime from taking place.

Without good illumination at night it’s likely that your camera would generate fairly noisy images. Even a small amount of noise can significantly inhibit your analytics from working with the risk of generating false alarms – rendering your lighting response inefficient.

Network Lighting can be tailored to deliver different responses depending on the situation in hand. As well as providing event driven lighting, your White-Light could also be used to provide lighting for personnel. You may choose to trigger your lighting during the hours of darkness when your site is still operational (i.e. 6pm-11pm) – set at 20% output to conserve energy, but configured to provide 100% light output only when activity is detected – i.e. a car entering a carpark or a patrol. Once your site is completely closed, your White-Light can then automatically turn off, leaving your Infra-Red to monitor the scene covertly.

IP addressable Network Lighting can also be integrated with any other network device through simple HTTP commands. Integration possibilities are endless and include motion detection, audio detection, ANPR / LPR, incorrect / correct PIN access and many more, allowing you to fully automate your lighting via much simpler system integration.

An efficient system should deliver the right amount of lighting exactly when and where it is needed to achieve the best images at all times. But automating your Network Lighting to respond to any event, anywhere, is the smart choice for staying in total control at all times.


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