Take Live Control


1 September 2017

All cameras need light to see during the hours of darkness. But with IP based security systems on the rise, it’s Network Lighting which not only helps us to generate good night time images, but which works with the entire IP system to help us stay connected to our site at all times.

Being IP addressable, Network Lighting is designed to deliver the right amount of lighting exactly when and where you need it. Whether controlling it via its web interface, your VMS/BMS, or other platform integration, you have the ability to take control over your lighting at any time to respond to live events there and then.

For example, your detection system may identify movement out of hours and raise an alarm. Before taking action, such as deploying a guard or even a police response, it is critical to investigate who or what is there. This is where high quality, dynamic lighting is essential. Knowing the camera location, you can take control over the adjacent Infra-Red lighting to review the situation. You can increase lighting levels to generate more detailed picture information and support cameras zooming into the scene, or decrease the lighting levels to avoid overexposure of subjects up close.

Visible White-Light can also be triggered on demand to provide colour CCTV images, or lighting for staff coming to attend the situation. In the case of a serious security breach, you can also flash deterrent lighting to proactively deter any crime from taking place. LED based network lighting in particular is crucial for triggering lighting on demand. LED lighting provides an instant start-up compared to other traditional solutions which require a significantly longer time to warm up.

Network Lighting is a perfect solution for systems looking to reduce light pollution (if using visible White-Light), or conserve running costs by turning lighting off out of hours. Even if you are using highly sensitive low light cameras you still need adequate lighting to generate detailed, useful images at night. With the ability to trigger lighting on demand, operators can use their Network Lighting only when they need to – fully supporting all cameras, whilst keeping running costs and disturbance to an absolute minimum.

Network Lighting not only helps us to achieve the best images in any environment, but allows us to be actively responsive to any situation, in any place at any time. This is an advantage for all manner of security systems – because no one can be everywhere at once.


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