New Integration with Genetec Security Center


24 July 2017

We are delighted to announce that Raytec’s range of VARIO2 IP Network Illuminators are the first illuminators to be fully integrated with Genetec’s unified security platform – Security Center.

Enabled via dedicated plug-in software, VARIO2 IP illuminators can now operate in conjunction with multiple devices and applications within the Security Center platform. This integration embeds smarter surveillance lighting systems into the Security Center platform, to deliver dynamic, situation-dependent lighting exactly where and when it is needed. This smart and intelligent use of network lighting ensures the highest levels of security and safety at all times in responding to security events.

Available in Infra-Red or White-Light LED variants, VARIO2 IP can be controlled individually or in groups making it much easier to control large sites. Operators can also make live adjustments to any single Raytec illuminator or group of illuminators at any time, to optimise image quality for the best night time surveillance 24/7.

Key Integration Features:

  • Easy management & seamless operation in conjunction with all system devices
  • Event driven automatic lighting via alarms
  • Instant live control for real-time lighting responses
  • Control illuminators individually or in groups
  • Automatic discovery of illuminators on network
  • Plug-in installation software available online

The Raytec Genetec Plug-in is compatible with Security Centre 5.4 SR3 and only runs within Genetec Security Desk program.


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