Identifying in Low Light


25 April 2017

The quality of your illumination is a critical factor in achieving good recognition and identification from your video surveillance system at night.

Even low light cameras which can produce an acceptable overview of a scene in relatively low light conditions need dedicated surveillance lighting to identify a subject at night – especially when zooming in over long distances.

LED surveillance lighting is the number 1 choice for empowering your maximum zoom function. It delivers targeted and powerful illumination exactly where it is needed so that your camera is able to generate highly detailed images of people, faces, clothing, vehicles etc. at the greatest distances. LED lighting also produces a highly even coverage and combats any glare on scene, for the clearest images at all times.

It’s all about delivering the right level of lighting at the maximum distance where you want to capture your image – not just providing a reasonable coverage over the whole scene.

Even though your image may ‘look’ ok, if you need to provide any level of evidential data or your system uses video analytics, then you cannot safely and confidently rely on ambient lighting. Even a small amount of noise in the image can greatly impact the performance of video analytics and create false alarms.

Watch this video to see how dedicated LED surveillance lighting will ensure you capture the most critical details of every scene – even at night.

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