Why the Evolution of LEDs Means More Light for Your Money!


7 April 2017

Over time technology improves, and the cost of that technology comes down. We can certainly see this with surveillance cameras where there has been some price erosion. This means that lighting manufacturers must also respond with lower cost solutions. If the cost of a video surveillance camera falls, then it follows that the price of lighting must also fall to support that camera.

LED lighting is a global growth technology attracting lots of investment. Consequently, the performance of LEDs is constantly improving and developing. Modern illuminators that are purpose designed for video surveillance and use the latest optics and LEDs, can deliver over 200% more lighting power than illuminators that are only 3-4 years old. As an example, Raytec’s latest range of VARIO 2 illuminators utilises PLATINUM Elite SMT LED technology to deliver up to 236% more power than its predecessor VARIO (1).

Modern illuminators deliver more light output for your money, or “more metres of illumination per £”. This often means that you can utilise a smaller illuminator than was previously possible, making your installation more cost effective.

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