How Network Lighting Responds Automatically to Any Incident


30 March 2017

Many of today’s latest camera trends are IP based. IP video surveillance systems allow end users to monitor their site and respond dynamically to any event, at any time. When designing lighting for intelligent IP systems, it is important that your lighting provides this same level of control and interactivity.

The latest developments in network illuminators offer the most flexible solutions for high performance night time surveillance. Network illuminators can be operated:

a) manually, through a user friendly GUI that allows operators to respond to real time events and adjust lighting levels to fine-tune image quality

or b) automatically, responding to alarms or triggers from other devices on the network. An autonomous security response…even when your site is empty! Illuminators can also be controlled individually, or a group of illuminators can be controlled together to improve operational efficiency on site.

Today, the latest IP lighting for video surveillance can be fully integrated into an IP security system and communicate directly with VMS, BMS, IP cameras or other devices on the network. IP lighting can both trigger, and be triggered by any device on the network. IP lighting allows illumination to become smarter and more dynamic than ever before. It can deliver an intelligent, situation dependent response to achieve the highest levels of safety and security at all times.

For example, there is now no need to setup an illuminator to cover 1-100m as best it can. Both Infra-Red and White-Light systems can be set to automatically tailor and deliver exactly the right amount of light for the distance at which an event occurs, to get the absolute best images at night.

Additionally, the photocell on an IP illuminator, upon detecting darkness, can be used to trigger a camera, or a series of cameras to change into black and white mode – automating and synchronising the whole security system. IP lighting can also be programmed to act on alarm. For example, if an intrusion is detected at a perimeter fence line, visible White-Light LEDs along that perimeter can be turned on to aid visual inspection, whilst also acting as a highly visual deterrent to any intruders.

The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination. But always remember, a smart system should only use the right amount of light when it is needed to save running costs.

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