5 Ways Network Lighting Makes Your Security Smarter


14 February 2017

Gone are the days when surveillance lighting was used as a stand-alone entity. Today, the smartest LED network lighting can be fully integrated into the heart of any IP video surveillance system. It is designed to communicate seamlessly with all devices on your network, and automatically respond to any incident at any time.

Raytec’s VARIO 2 IP range of Network Lighting is dedicated to helping IP cameras get the best images at night and deterring crime. It is fully programmable meaning that you can configure it in any way you like – the possibilities are endless!

So can IP lighting really make your security smarter? There are many benefits to network lighting – but here are our top 5!

1. Respond in Real Time

Network lighting helps you stay remotely connected with your site at all times. With VARIO2 IP you can take live control over your lighting via a user friendly web interface. You can adjust lighting levels to get the best images for any event, or instantly flash deterrent lighting to warn off an intruder!

2. Remote Operation

Commissioning can be the most time consuming part of a project. With VARIO2 IP, you can set-up, operate, check diagnostics and make further adjustments from any remote network location rather than up a ladder or lift – saving significant time and costs.

3. Connect with all your Devices

A smart IP system should integrate its illumination with all other security devices. Why? VARIO2 IP can be triggered by any network device, which can automate the exact amount of light to be used only where and when you need it e.g. upon camera detection, to deter crime or aid personnel – also saving running costs! An autonomous security response…even when your site is empty!

4. Automatically Tailored to your Needs

An IP light can perform in multiple different ways, at any time, and automatically tailor itself dependent on the situation at hand. For example, your lighting could turn on when the first vehicle arrives to your site, and turn off when the last leaves…and then the same lighting could also flash if an intruder attempts to climb your fence!

5. Easily Control Large Sites

VARIO2 IP’s group control function makes it quick and easy to operate large lighting installations. Make instant site-wide adjustments, or activate key zones of lighting such as an entire perimeter fence line in response to a threat.

Interactive network lighting can really unlock the full potential of your IP security system. There are countless ways to configure it, and any number of devices and platforms that it can be integrated with – limited only by your imagination. But remember, if you don’t need your lighting on 24/7, then use it dynamically, only when you need it – not only to support incidents on site, but you’ll also be surprised at how much money you’ll save!

For more information, you can explore our full range of VARIO2 Network Lighting solutions here.

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