SPARTAN Product Updates


12 September 2016

Increased Performance for SPARTAN Linear

We have recently improved the performance of SPARTAN Linear luminaires and are happy to announce that all of our Zone 2 and Industrial Linear products can now offer a significant increase in light output for your application.

The WL84 units now deliver a higher lumen output of 3,400 lumens – previously 2,750 lumens; while the WL168 units now provide 6,800 lumens – previously 5,500 lumens. Want to see how this compares against traditional fluorescent luminaires? We’ve implemented these performance updates to our ‘LED vs Fluorescent’ White Paper – download the new version and see the performance advantage for yourself.

Zone 2 Linear Approved for Zone 21 Dust Atmospheres

SPARTAN Zone 2 Linear luminaires have now been approved for Zone 21 Dust. This dual certification will allow significant cost savings to be made for dust applications, while maintaining all the same benefits of the standard product.

As well as saving on cost, Zone 21 applications will also benefit from an improved performance, with a lumen output of up to 6,800 lumens – this is thanks to a more functional design tailored to match the certification requirements.

This certification change is simply an update to the existing Zone 2 product – there is no new product code. Every Zone 2 Linear ordered from 01 October will be dual certified for Zone 2 Gas and Zone 21 Dust.

Loop-In Loop-Out Linear

Raytec can now also offer a Linear luminaire designed solely for ‘loop-in, loop-out’ wiring installations. The standard WL84 and WL168 Linears are available with a blanking end cap which will provide further cost savings to customers who have no need for through-wiring. This option will be available for standard, non-emergency products only, but will be available across Zone 1, Zone 2 and Industrial variants. Full product information will be available through the website shortly, or for further enquiries please contact Raytec.

Wider Input Voltage for Low Voltage Variants

Identifying that wider input voltages are often used across Europe, and at the request of a number of customers, all SPARTAN low voltage luminaires are now available as 18-48V AC/DC  having previously been 18-30V AC/DC.  The new, wider voltage range will ensure SPARTAN low voltage luminaires are suitable for even more applications globally.

To find out more about any of the changes we have discussed contact us at or speak to us on +44 (0)1670 520 055.

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