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15 June 2016

Raytec is proud to debut the next generation range of illuminators for video surveillance at IFSEC 2016 –VARIO2.

VARIO2 delivers world leading power and illumination distances.
Using PLATINUM Elite SMT LED technology, it delivers up to 236% more power and greater illumination distances from a smaller platform than Raytec’s last-generation illuminators.

Covering ultra-long distances VARIO2 illuminators enable video surveillance cameras to capture highly detailed images at distances up to 500m (1640ft) from a single illuminator. This offers you more flexibility to meet challenging installation requirements from both Infra-Red and White-Light illuminators.

VARIO2 is designed to support the latest camera technologies with outstanding illumination power, quality and efficiency – making high performance lighting increasingly suitable and more affordable for all night-time video surveillance applications.

“The performance of VARIO2 illuminators has experienced a massive increase from its predecessor” says David Lambert, Raytec’s Managing Director (Joint).“This provides more light on scene for the latest video surveillance technologies including 4K, Megapixel and Multi-sensor cameras: Technologies that require more light to cover larger areas”.

Furthermore, Raytec’s Distance Promise guarantees you a minimum light level of 0.35 μW/cm2 (Infra-Red) and 3Lux (White-Light) at the quoted maximum distance of every illuminator to ensure the best image quality 24/7.

VARIO2 features a unique Interchangeable Lens System with Hot-spot Reduction Technology (HRT), designed to ensure perfect lighting alignment and the most even distribution throughout the whole scene at all times. The result is flawless images spanning huge areas, enabling your camera to capture an event anywhere in the scene at any time.

Offering a broader range of solutions, the VARIO2 series also offers a suite of advanced security features for easier programming and safer lighting operation. Illuminators can be quickly and easily set-up from ground level via a hand held VARIO remote control. VARIO2 also offers new manual programming inputs for when remote operation is not possible. Additionally, VARIO2 offers PIN code authentication to protect access to the settings, and both the remote control and manual programming inputs can be disabled.


VARIO2 is the first range of illuminators to be provided with standardised and scientifically tested lighting data to support its performance claims. This is part of the industry’s first lighting standard for video surveillance – ‘POWERS’. It is designed to help all security professionals to more easily specify and reliably compare the performance of different illuminators. It also provides an understanding as to how a chosen lighting product will perform.

Providing a solution for every lighting application, VARIO2 also offers PoE only and fully IP addressable variants. Providing increased functionality and configurability, these network based solutions allow for easy integration into any IP surveillance system, delivering added intelligence and the ability to respond to any incident, in any lighting conditions, at any time.

VARIO2 is the key to unlocking outstanding performance from your video surveillance system at night, and delivering the best images in the most challenging low light environments.

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