Raytec Expand Their SPARTAN Linear Range


24 May 2016

Raytec now offer Zone 1, Zone 2 and Industrial LED Linear luminaires in both standard and emergency configurations and as 2ft, 4ft and 5ft fittings, meaning SPARTAN Linear can now be used for an even wider range of applications.

The SPARTAN Linear range can be clearly differentiated by the colour of the luminaire body: Zone 1 fittings are supplied as silver; Zone 2 as dark grey and industrial white as standard. For emergency versions the units also come with an additional, and easily identifiable, red end cap, encapsulating the emergency battery back-up.


Raytec now also offer the option of a SPARTAN Safety Shower Linear that uses green, long-life LEDs which allow workers to quickly identify the location of safety showers in chemical and petrochemical environments.

Many traditional Safety Shower Linear fittings rely on green-coloured lens films that are prone to peeling and fading. With SPARTAN Safety Shower Linear the green LEDs are sealed inside the unit, which ensures a consistent green colour is maintained with no need for external green films that need to be regularly replaced. SPARTAN Safety Shower Linear is a low maintenance solution, delivering more robust on site safety that can be used as a direct retrofit to these existing fluorescent safety shower luminaires.

SPARTAN Safety Shower Linear is available as a high performance emergency variant, using an additional emergency battery back-up module which can deliver 25% light output for up to 3 hours under emergency conditions, with other options available upon request.

SPARTAN Safety Shower Linear enclosures are marine grade aluminium epoxy powder coated; have a tough polycarbonate diffuser, and all external fasteners and brackets are marine grade stainless steel making it highly resistant to extremely hot, cold, wet and harsh environments such as offshore drilling rigs. With an operating temperature range from -40°C to +55°C you can be sure of a reliable performance in extreme climates.

SPARTAN Safety Shower Linear is available as either a Zone 1 or a Zone 2 variant with several mounting options available including pole clamp; M8 eye bolt and ceiling mount among others. For more information please refer to the SPARTAN Safety Shower Linear datasheets.

All of the products in the SPARTAN Linear range come with a variety of additional features that make it perfect for use in new hazardous area installations or for an existing fluorescent retrofit. Read how SPARTAN Linear could benefit your application in more detail below:


All products in the SPARTAN Linear range are ATEX and IEC Ex approved for all Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications so you can be sure that they are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres, and are fit for their intended purpose. SPARTAN Linear’s are also UL/CSA approved including C1D2, and all have ABS type approval.


SPARTAN Linear products come with a maintenance friendly modular design to allow for quick and easy servicing and inspection of all key components including LED and PSU modules. SPARTAN Linear has also been designed without ledges to prevent dust or water from accumulating and damaging the unit.


SPARTAN Linear’s are a direct replacement for fluorescent fittings, with the same dimensions, cable entries and fixing centres, meaning you can upgrade to LED without complication. SPARTAN Linear is available in a number of different variants to retrofit traditional 2x18W, 2x36W and 2x58W fittings.


With a wide operating temperature rating of -40°C to +60°C and a separate Zone 1, Zone 2 and Industrial variant, as well as a safety shower unit, the SPARTAN Linear range offers a tailored lighting solution for a wide range of applications.


SPARTAN Linear uses CoolExtrude™ thermal management technology, ensuring a much cooler LED operating temperature. This provides up to 60% better heat dissipation compared to traditional lighting solutions and allows the product to operate for 10+ years in the most challenging environments.


SPARTAN Linear is available as an emergency variant, using an additional battery back-up module which can run up to 100% light output under emergency conditions, with other outputs available.


SPARTAN Linear comes with an industry leading five year warranty. Unlike other manufacturers who claim from five to ten year warranty on their products but actually only cover the unit’s external casing, with SPARTAN you can be sure that everything is covered!

If you require more information on any of the SPARTAN Linear range, or you would like to discuss your application in more detail you can contact us via sales@raytecled.com or call us on 01670 520 055.

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