Home or Away: Why We Manufacturer in the UK


24 May 2016

At Raytec we are proud of the fact that all of our SPARTAN luminaires are designed and manufactured here in the UK. While the general trend in manufacturing is to move production to cheaper facilities overseas, we recognise the importance of being a UK manufacturer and the advantages it brings to us and our customers.

Outstanding Quality

The very nature of Hazardous Area applications demands the highest levels of product quality and quality control. At Raytec we go above and beyond the industry certification requirements to ensure our products are first and foremost, suitable and safe for their application, but also industry leading in their reliability, design and performance. Being able to design and manufacture in the UK is critical to this. Having one central production facility makes quality control easier, and allows us to ensure that every product meets our high standards before it leaves the factory.

In-House Expertise

Raytec are lighting specialists. With around 70 people on site at our UK office, including experts in product design, quality, certification, operations, lighting design, as well as a full sales team, we have all the knowledge and experience on hand to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our policy of manufacturing on-site in the UK allows us to integrate all staff under one roof, allowing us to share knowledge and build a true centre of excellence.

Local Suppliers

To manufacture each product we use a relatively low number of key suppliers, many of which are based locally, close to our HQ in Ashington. In fact, around 80% of components used in SPARTAN products are sourced within a 25 mile radius of our factory; this makes it easier for us to nurture close relationships and conduct more regular supplier visits to maintain higher quality standards. Having a flexible, motivated supply chain, allows us to engage with them to speed up the development of new products and consistently improve our product performance.

Speed & Flexibility

A major advantage of manufacturing at one central location in the UK and having all staff under one roof is that it gives us far greater flexibility to respond to customer demands quickly and efficiently. Not only are SPARTAN luminaires frequently delivered within 2 weeks but we are also able to produce bespoke lighting solutions and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Raytec are proud to design and manufacture world leading products here in the UK. UK manufacturing is central to the success of our business and to the quality and flexibility which we can offer our customers through our products and service.

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