3 Ways the SPARTAN Linear Emergency Outperforms the Competition


12 April 2016

Having previously looked at the advantages of using SPARTAN Linear LED technology in place of traditional fluorescent fittings, in this article we will look more closely at the SPARTAN Emergency variant and why it should be the product of choice when looking for an Ex linear lighting solution requiring battery back-up.

1: 100% Light Output

SPARTAN Linear’s most unique feature is its ability to run at 100% light output under emergency conditions, which can dramatically improve on-site safety. While this is an advantage over fluorescent fittings, which will generally drop to around 40% output on emergency, it is also a significant advantage when comparing against other LED linear fittings. While the number of true LED linear’s available on the market is limited (i.e. those with custom housing designed specifically for the LEDs, rather than just installing LEDs inside a traditional fluorescent housing), those which are available often only offer a maximum of 10% light output on emergency. When considering environments such as offshore applications, where power outages are common and maximum light levels are required under emergency conditions, such a small light output will often be inadequate.

2: Ease of maintenance

As with all products in the SPARTAN range, ease of maintenance is a key feature of the Linear Emergency. Other emergency linear products often have the emergency batteries located deep inside the body of the unit, which make access and maintenance extremely difficult. In contrast, access to SPARTAN’s emergency battery has been made exceptionally easy; the emergency battery is housed inside one of the units’ end caps, meaning it takes just two bolts to remove the emergency battery, and maintenance can be carried out on-site while the fitting is still installed.

3: Flexible Battery

The performance of SPARTAN Linear Emergency under battery operated conditions can be matched to the specific needs of any installation. Although capable of 100% power under emergency conditions the luminaire can be factory set to 50%, 25% or other power settings to prolong light output using only battery power.

Additional Advantages of LED technology

As well as the advantages specific to SPARTAN Linear, there are also a number of advantages inherent to using LED technology over fluorescent fittings for emergency applications, primarily due to their increased reliability;

  • Failures of tubes – because the fluorescent tubes have a much shorter life than LEDs and are more prone to deterioration, it increases the chances of the fitting failing when it switches from mains power to the emergency battery back-up. In contrast, the much longer life of LEDs and more consistent output levels provides far greater reliability.
  • Degradation of emergency performance – the light output of a fluorescent fitting during emergency operation will gradually decline over its expected 3 hour duration. In contrast, the output of an LED fitting will remain consistent throughout its emergency cycle, just as it was when the fitting first switched from mains to battery back-up.
  • Effect of extreme temperatures – because the performance of a fluorescent is severely affected by extreme temperatures, the drop in power and output associated with the switch from mains to emergency means performance and output levels can become practically obsolete. LEDs meanwhile have a greater resistance to extreme temperatures and performance is far more consistent during emergency operation, regardless of environment.


While opting for an LED emergency fitting provides a number of benefits over traditional fluorescent technology, finding the correct LED luminaire also requires careful consideration given that emergency functionality can vary so significantly between manufacturers. Offering up to 100% light output on emergency, combined with a maintenance friendly design to give easy access and removal of emergency batteries, SPARTAN Linear provides class leading performance and functionality, whether for new installations or retrofitting existing emergency fluorescent luminaires.

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