Raytec Launch SPARTAN Crane Luminaire


1 March 2016

Raytec have extended their Ex LED lighting range with the launch of SPARTAN Crane, an LED floodlight luminaire mounted on a rotating damper. Spartan Crane is specifically designed for use on Marine/Offshore Crane booms where high performance, high reliability White-Light illumination is required to ensure the safety of crane operations.

Using Raytec’s field-proven, long-life LED technology, SPARTAN Crane Luminaires are ATEX and IEC Ex approved for all Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications and rated for T4 environments. Also available as an industrial variant, SPARTAN Crane Luminaire is suitable for a diverse range of applications and comes with an industry leading 5 year warranty as standard.

Using largely the same design components as the SPARTAN Flood means that the Crane can also offer the same performance advantages including a long lifetime of 100,000+ hours without the need for relamping and a unique modular design that makes maintenance far easier if required. SPARTAN Crane also benefits from the same marine grade aluminium body used on the standard SPARTAN Floodlights, designed to withstand the harsh environments ATEX lighting are commonly exposed to.

A stainless steel rotary damper ensures the SPARTAN Crane always illuminates the area directly below the crane and prevents the luminaire swinging as the crane boom moves up and down. While all LEDs are naturally resistant to vibration the SPARTAN Crane luminaire features LEDs and power supplies which are encapsulated in a silicone rubber compound to deliver outstanding resistance to vibration.

If you have a Crane mount application in a challenging Ex or marine environment, contact sales@raytecled.com to find out more about the benefits of upgrading to LED with the SPARTAN Crane Luminaire.

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