2015 Highlights – the Year in Review


8 December 2015

The year 2015 at Raytec has been significant for more reasons than one. As the year draws to an end we are sharing a few highlights from 2015 which have made this year truly memorable. We also share a few insights into what 2016 holds for Raytec.

Unrivalled 360° Performance at Night

2015 witnessed the launch of a number of exciting products. Among them, the new range of Panoramic Ultra wide-angle Infra-Red illuminators clearly stood out as a ground-breaking development. The performance of Panoramic Ultra illuminators is unmatched anywhere in the industry. With Panoramic Ultra, PTZ domes, high Mega-Pixel and multi-sensor cameras covering large areas are able to generate the best wide-angle 180° images at the greatest distances – up to 150m and beyond; and 360° with only two lighting units. Delivering double the power and 50% more distance than the previous generation, the new range launched at IFSEC 2015 went down a storm! Watch the amazing video footage below

VARIO Got a Boost

Another new product launched in 2015 was the VARIO 16 series. As the latest extension of the award winning VARIO range the 16 series delivers ultra-long range illumination from a single panel illuminator. Along with greater distances the 16 series is equipped with all standard VARIO features providing Raytec customers with greater flexibility to meet the most challenging applications, and provides a more powerful solution for higher resolution cameras requiring increased light.

In the coming year we are delighted to announce that we will be further developing the well-known VARIO family of illuminators. VARIO2, the next generation of the VARIO range, is scheduled for launch in Q1 2016 and will provide additional features for more installation flexibility and increased power for even greater illumination distances. Other exciting launches will include VARIO PoE and VARIO Extreme!

We will be sharing more details on the launch of VARIO2 and other upcoming developments in our new webinar in January 2016.

Intelligent Integrations

2015 was a big year for lighting and software integrations with our key technology partners. To reference a few launches, Raytec’s VARIO IP range of network illuminators was the first lighting range to be integrated with both Axis ACAP and Avigilon Control Centre VMS.  Raytec IP lighting integrations with leading camera and VMS technologies have allowed for the creation of dynamic and instantly responsive lighting for the highest levels of security and safety. At the same time these intelligent integrations have expanded the functionalities and configurability of VARIO IP network illuminators allowing lighting to become a fully integrated part of a network system.

We are proud to work closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of video surveillance and security technologies in delivering complete solutions that provide the highest levels of protection. And in 2016 our technology alliance partnerships will continue growing to encompass a wider portfolio of integrations across various technology platforms.

10 Year IPPC Celebrations

Raytec turned 10 in 2015 and in October we hosted our biggest ever International Platinum Partner Conference (IPPC) to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of lighting innovations in the security industry. Over 70 of our key partners from all over the world gathered to talk lighting and learn about the latest lighting technologies from the Raytec lighting experts. The Raytec IPPC has become renowned as the premier lighting conference and training event in the security industry. See Pictures from 10 year Conference and Party

And as this particular IPPC marked a decade of Raytec it also became the perfect occasion to announce the launch of POWERS – the industry’s first video surveillance lighting standard.

POWERS – The Industry’s First Video Surveillance Lighting Standard

Historically, there has been no standard way to specify and compare different lighting products designed for video surveillance, quantify their performance claims, and crucially, no standard testing methods for manufacturers to adhere to when publishing their performance claims.  This has often led to confusion and disappointment for customers. After facing this challenge almost daily for the last 25 years, Raytec took the initiative to launch the first ever Lighting Standard for Video Surveillance – ‘POWERS’ which addresses the core issues surrounding the establishment of an agreed lighting performance benchmark ,and reliable methods to easily compare different illuminators.

Looking forward, we will be publishing POWERS data for all of our products, starting with publishing data for all new product launches and current A-line products. We already have and will continue to involve other manufacturers and our customers, to ensure that POWERS becomes a widely adopted standard across the security industry.

Looking Forward

The 2016 roadmap is already looking to be as memorable a year as this. We will continue to deliver innovations at the cutting-edge of lighting technology, expand our product ranges and capabilities to meet a variety of challenging and extreme requirements, and drive further system intelligence via dedicated lighting integrations with leading IP video technologies. Above all, Raytec are passionate and dedicated to driving the evolution of LED technology as the global leader in lighting for video surveillance.

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