Raytec Launch Zone 2 Linear


1 December 2015

Raytec have added to their current LED Linear lighting range with the launch of a new Zone 2 model. With variants now approved for Zone 1, Zone 2 and Class I Div 2, as well as industrial units, the SPARTAN Linear now provides a tailored retrofit solution for traditional fluorescent luminaires across a diverse range of applications.

Compared to the SPARTAN Zone 1 Linear variant, the new Zone 2 Linear provides greater cost savings to end users working within a Zone 2 environment, with a more functional design allowing for a more cost effective and straightforward production process. As well as saving on cost, this also provides an improved performance with an increased lumen output of up to 5,500 lumens.

The SPARTAN Linear is available in two sizes; the WL84, designed to replace 2x18W fluorescents, and the WL168, designed to replace 2x36W fluorescents. Variants with emergency battery backup are also available, providing 3 hours of output at 25% power as standard. Emergency versions with up to 100% output are also available upon request.

Using largely the same design and components as the Zone 1 variant means the Zone 2 Linear can also offer the same performance advantages; a long lifetime of 100,000+ hours without the need for relamping, while a unique modular design makes maintenance far easier if it is required – spare parts to be kept and maintenance to be carried out on-site. The Zone 2 Linear’s marine grade aluminium body also makes it far more robust than the majority of Zone 2 fittings on the market, designed to withstand the harsh environments ATEX lighting are commonly exposed to.

If you have an application with an existing installation of fluorescent luminaires, contact sales@raytecled.com to find out more about the benefits of upgrading to LED with SPARTAN Linear.

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