Emergency Lighting When You Need it Most


20 April 2015

Should mains power fail, you need an Ex Light which does not. Raytec provide a full range of SPARTAN Emergency LED luminaires which deliver the coolest running operation and instant strike illumination when required – not possible with hot re-strike high pressure sodium discharge flood lamps, leaving you in the dark for up to 15minutes!

ATEX and IEC Ex rated for all Zone 1 and 2 applications Raytec offer a SPARTAN Emergency fitting in flood light, linear, bulkhead and transportable variants, and standard non-emergency models can be upgraded to emergency fittings at any time on site thanks to its modular design.

In particular, old style traditional fluorescent emergency fittings can only run on a fraction of their total power, generally around 20% for 3 hours, due to their high power consumption. However, low energy SPARTAN Emergency LED luminaires can run at full 100% output to maintain maximum light levels in a state of emergency, or up to 20% power for 8 hours – nearly 3 times longer!

All SPARTAN Emergency fittings operate at full light output over a voltage range of 110-254V. Below this, the emergency operation functions seamlessly without any loss in light output.

For more information contact sales@raytecled.com.

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