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17 April 2015

Picture the scene; you’re onsite in a hazardous area. A power failure occurs reducing activity to a standstill and disabling onsite lighting, plunging the site into complete darkness. Even if you don’t experience a total power outage, your lighting solution could still be disabled from a severe voltage drop.

With a loss of light output, the threat of injury or incident increases dramatically, and with onsite safety paramount, this is a scenario which should be avoided at all costs.

What is the solution?

Unfortunately a lighting manufacturer can’t solve unpredictable power sources, but can design a product to ensure your site is suitably equipped from a safety perspective when power outs do occur; an LED emergency Ex light. Emergency LED lighting such as emergency SPARTAN luminaires uses a back-up battery module which allows light output to be maintained when mains power fails.

Unlike traditional emergency lighting, SPARTAN luminaries will continue to operate at full light output during short term voltage drops down to 100V before the emergency function comes into operation, and will strike instantly if power is lost. SPARTAN luminaires are also ultra-reliable – designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards including both ISO9001 & ISO14001, ensuring SPARTAN performs at the time when you need it most.

What other benefits are there to an emergency LED Ex light?

Safety on site is obviously the number one priority when choosing an Ex lighting solution, but emergency LED Ex lights can also provide other benefits. A selectable light output means LED lights can run up to 100% light output under emergency conditions, whereas a traditional emergency luminaire can only run on a fraction of its total power, generally around 20%. This ensures maximum light levels can be maintained in a state of emergency. SPARTAN luminaires can also run off reduced output, if required, to prioritise running time on back-up power over light levels.

Cost efficiencies are also maximised; LED lights can provide significant cost savings compared to traditional emergency lights, requiring less power, less maintenance and no servicing. Additionally, SPARTAN luminaires are designed to deliver class leading reliability and performance to ensure an effective light output at the time when it is needed most.

So to summarise, increased safety with 100% lighting power on battery back-up and the option of selectable light output make emergency SPARTAN luminaires an essential component of a safe and efficient site.

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