Improve Your Ex Linear Lighting with LED Luminaires


19 February 2015

Linear luminaires are one of the most common lighting solutions used in hazardous areas, with the majority of fittings using traditional fluorescent technology. However, with the emergence of LED technology, such as SPARTAN Linear, upgrading your linear luminaire could provide a number of significant improvements to your lighting solution, helping to increase performance and on-site safety whilst also reducing costs. In this article we look at these benefits in more depth.

However, before we go into the benefits which an LED fitting can offer, let’s consider how easy it is to actually install and upgrade to an LED linear fitting – it’s probably more straightforward than you’d expect. SPARTAN linear from Raytec is retrofitable and acts a direct replacement for existing fluorescent alternatives; the overall dimensions, fixing centres and gland entries are all compatible with commonly used traditional Ex e 2x18W and 2x36W fluorescent luminaires.  The lumen output and light distribution also allows a direct, easy replacement of traditional fluorescent luminaires, meaning you can upgrade without complication.

So now we know the process of upgrading your linear luminaire to LED is easy to do, let’s look at the benefits it will provide once installed;

Reduced Maintenance

LED luminaires boast a superior operating life compared to fluorescent alternatives making frequent lamp changes redundant and significantly reducing the cost and frequency of maintenance. SPARTAN Linear can operate for 10+ years and is supported by an industry leading 5 year warranty. In addition, a modular design makes servicing and inspection quicker and easier if it is required, with interchangeable key components that can be replaced on-site.

Performance and Efficiency

LED linear luminaires provide end users with perfect, crisp, even illumination thanks to multiple small profile LEDs which give a superior output compared to fluorescent fittings, helping to increase visibility and safety on-site. LED luminaires also outperform traditional fluorescent fittings and provide significant savings on running costs over the course of their life. SPARTAN Linear uses CoolExtrude™ thermal management technology, which provides up to 60% better heat dissipation to ensure a much cooler running temperature, allowing SPARTAN to deliver a light output of up to 5,000 lumens from just 34W. In addition, Linear Emergency variants have a battery back-up module to ensure that light output is maintained at the times when it is needed most. The modular nature of SPARTAN luminaires also means that standard Linear fittings can be upgraded to emergency on site at any time!

Consider these benefits together along with the retrofitable design, which makes LED luminaires easy to install in place of existing fittings, , and the argument for upgrading to an LED linear is compelling. SPARTAN LED linear is available in 2 sizes to replace 2x18W and 2x36W fittings, as well as also being available as an emergency variant – explore the range further here.

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