Raytec Launch SPARTAN Flood


30 January 2015

LED lighting specialists Raytec launch SPARTAN – a full range of ATEX/ IEC Ex LED floodlights that change the way we look at lighting for hazardous area environments.

SPARTAN is designed as the most efficient hazardous area lighting solution, delivering huge energy and maintenance savings, whilst ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability.

SPARTAN is designed to make servicing much easier, quicker and therefore less costly. SPARTAN has a modular design with removable and interchangeable PSU and LED modules for easy access and inspection, and instant replacement if required – perfect for isolated locations. The SPARTAN PSU can also be located remotely and positioned at ground level up to 100m away from the light fitting, for ease of maintenance in areas with limited access. The new SPARTAN range delivers an outstanding performance with a light output of up to 10,000 lumens. SPARTAN LED floodlights also use half the number of LEDs compared to traditional solutions and require a maximum of only 136W. Its CoolXtrudeTM thermal management system delivers outstanding power whilst ensuring an operational life of 10 years+. It delivers the coolest running LED technology at all times, with heat dissipation up to 60% better than other LED light fittings. SPARTAN has a wide operating temperature range of -52°C to +55°C and is rated for up to T6 environments.

“New SPARTAN LED floodlights set the benchmark in flexibility and performance in the hazardous area environment” says Barry Thompson, Head of Raytec’s Hazardous Area Division. “SPARTAN is the most reliable and maintenance friendly lighting solution for such harsh and remote environments where failure is not an option.”

SPARTAN is ATEX compliant and IEC Ex certified for all Zone 1 and Zone 2 applications and is enclosed in marine grade aluminium with toughened front glass window, using Raytec’s field-proven, long-life LED technology. The SPARTAN range is IP66 and IP67 rated and offers an industry leading 5 year warranty.

SPARTAN is a full flood light family, available in 3 sizes, White-Light, Infra-Red (for surveillance applications) and emergency versions. SPARTAN is the first product range in a full series of hazardous area lighting solutions with Linear, Bulkhead and Transportable LED products coming soon.

For more information on SPARTAN please contact sales@raytecled.com.

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