3 Reasons to Choose a Modular LED Luminaire


21 January 2015

If you have experience of lighting in hazardous area environments, you’ll probably know that accessing and maintaining your luminaire presents a host of difficulties which drives up costs.

Modular Ex lights such as SPARTAN LED luminaires are designed with maintenance in mind to minimise these costs and provide greater flexibility during installation thanks to interchangeable key components. In this article, I’ll explore some of the biggest advantages of a modular Ex light over traditional lighting solutions and other non-modular LED luminaires.

1: Fully Serviceable

The modular design of Ex luminaires such as SPARTAN mean that the time and cost of maintenance can be significantly reduced thanks to the interchangeable components which can be altered or replaced independently, allowing for maintenance to be carried out on-site. Unlike non-modular LED luminaires, which tend to be factory sealed, the unit does not need be returned to the manufacturer for inspection, helping to minimise downtime of the luminaire and significantly reducing costs – especially for applications in remote locations. It also means just a few spare parts can be kept as back-up for all SPARTAN luminaires.

2: Flexible Installation

A modular Ex light provides flexibility which makes it suited to a more diverse range of applications than non-modular alternatives. Luminaires like SPARTAN feature an integrated PSU which helps to make installation quick and easy, while if necessary, the PSU can also be removed and located remotely at ground level for areas with difficult access. Accessories can also be added to diversify mounting options and functionality of the unit – again, these can be added on site without the need of the manufacturer.

3: Easy Specification

During the course of a luminaire’s life, lighting requirements can change and installing a non-modular luminaire is restrictive as its performance cannot be easily altered from the initial installation. In contrast, a modular luminaire is adaptable and can change to meet the requirements. Standard units can be upgraded to an emergency fitting at any time with an additional battery back-up module, while beam patterns can also be altered on SPARTAN luminaires, thanks to its VARIO interchangeable lens system. This flexibility helps to ensure modular LED luminaire remains suitable in its application throughout its product life.

With the ability to reduce costs and provide greater flexibility to specifiers, distributors and end-users, installing a modular LED Ex light can make maintenance cheaper and more straightforward, as well as enabling lighting on-site to be more functional and adaptable.

To learn more about modular Ex lights and how to make big maintenance savings, contact us at sales@raytecled.com.

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