Raytec ‘Light Fight’ Videos Evaluate Current Night Vision Technologies


8 July 2014

All cameras need adequate lighting to generate high quality images during the hours of darkness. No Light = No Picture.

But with multiple night vision technologies in the market today, security professionals often ask the question – ‘why does my camera need dedicated CCTV lighting at night?’

To help the industry achieve a deeper understanding of night vision, Raytec recently showcased their new “Light Fight” videos at IFSEC. The 5 practical videos compare the relative performance of Raytec Stand-alone LED lighting against competing night vision technologies and highlight how each technology impacts CCTV during the hours of darkness.

Competing technologies include: Thermal, Low Light Cameras, Street Lighting, Integrated IR Cameras andPTZ Cameras with in-built IR. The videos clearly demonstrate the pros and cons of the various technologies using real, night-time footage, and explain how some of the technologies are complimentary to one another.

“It is vital that installers and end-users have sufficient information to make informed decisions – especially with regards to the low light performance of their CCTV system. The Light Fight videos are designed to provide them with the practical experience and knowledge they require to select the most appropriate solution. Visitors to IFSEC really appreciated the insight that these videos quickly provide in a practical, straightforward manner” says Buzz Coates, Raytec’s Sales Director.

VARIO vs Thermal

VARIO vs Low Light Camera

VARIO vs Street Light

VARIO vs Fixed Camera with In-built IR

VARIO vs PTZ Camera with In-built IR


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