10 Tools & Services to Make You a Lighting Expert


27 January 2014

1. Lighting Design Service

Win your customers’ confidence with a free of charge lighting design showing lighting position, number of fittings, minimum, maximum and average light levels, uniformity and illuminator type. Lighting Designs are available in 2D or 3D and help your customers to approve the lighting system before they buy. See more information here.

2. Energy and Cost Saving Report Service

Show your customers the savings possible by switching their lighting scheme to Raytec LED illuminators. Energy and cost saving reports can be shared with your customers to show, yearly savings, total lifetime savings and payback period. It even shows the CO2 savings for the green minded. Find out more here.

3. Online Product Selector

Quickly and easily specify the correct illuminator from over 700 in our catalogue with our interactive online product selector. Go there now.

4. Daytime Set-up Tool

Ever had the problem where you align lighting during the day, but at night you realise it’s slightly misaligned? Never let it happen again with Raytec’s Day-time set up tool that allows you to position every illuminator perfectly during installation. Email marketing@rayteccctv.com for yours.

5. Cable Length Calculator

Want to know how far you can run power to the illuminator? Check the maximum distances possible with different wiring infrastructures using our quick and easy cable length calculator. Check it out here.

6. Camera Test Service

Do you want the confidence of knowing exactly how your CCTV system will perform at night before you specify or install? Use the Raytec testing service and let us test drive your system free of charge at our test facility in Northumberland, UK. Email marketing@raytecled.com.

7. Distance Charts

See how far each Raytec illuminator can cover with our Infographic distance charts covering RAYMAX, RAYLUX and VARIO illuminators. Available here.

8. “How To” Videos

If you need to know how to install or set up Raytec’s LED lighting don’t read about how to do it, watch how to do it. Our step by step VARIO “how to” videos walk you through all the functionality built into our industry leading VARIO illuminators. See the videos here.

9. TAPP Library

Using Raytec lights alongside products from Arecont, Axis, Avigilon, Sony, Panasonic, Pelco, Milestone, Mirasys, Optex or others? Then check how those products work with Raytec, achieve best practise and view video footage and integration guides on the pages of our Technology Alliance Partner Programme (TAPP). Take me there.

10. Site Surveys

If you feel you need first hand, expert advice, Raytec offer a Site Survey service. A site survey allows us to specify the correct lighting for any application taking into consideration practical issues such as ground undulations, foliage, obstacles and existing infrastructure. Contact Raytec for details.


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