10 Benefits of VARIO IP


10 September 2013

1. Prevent Crime

Make intruders aware that they are under surveillance by flashing white-light illuminators. Duration and frequency of the flash can be pre-set and controlled manually or automatically triggered from another security device.

2. Provide better Surveillance images

Remotely dim or boost the illuminators and dynamically respond to changes in the scene. Dynamic control provides the best possible surveillance images, particularly when used in conjunction with the VARIO Hot-Spot Reduction System (HRT).

3. Save Money

Reduce electrical consumption and save energy by using the external input to trigger the lighting only where and when it is needed.

4. Integrate with your VMS

Make things easier and quicker for operators by allowing all illuminators to be integrated and controlled through leading Video Management Systems.

5. Control Single or Multiple lights

VARIO IP illuminators can be grouped together for easy control. The operator can remotely control individual illuminators or whole sections (such as a specific fence line) in response to events. The illuminators can also be set-up with group parameters so all lights on a project turn on/off and respond at the same time.

6. Reduce Labour and Maintenance

Set-up, calibrate and even run diagnostics and maintenance checks on the illuminators remotely – from anywhere on the network.

7. Respond to Live Events in Real-Time

Take instant manual control of illuminators following an alarm or trigger (Triggers can come from the camera, PIR, fence line, VMS etc).

8. Remotely Upgrade your Light when Needed

VARIO IP illuminators allow the firmware to be upgraded remotely.

9. Reduce Bandwidth and Storage

VARIO IP illuminators help cameras deliver higher quality images meaning less noise, more effective compression, and an overall reduction in bandwidth and storage requirements.

10. Eliminate Hot-Spots

VARIO’s Hot-Spot Reduction technology (HRT) delivers longer distances, improved performance and a more even spread of light. By shaping the beam pattern more effectively VARIO reduces the intensity and frequency of hot-spots.

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