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VARIO2 IPPoE, medium and long-range Hybrid illuminators

About VARIO2 IPPoE – Hybrid

Infra-Red 850nm & White-Light

The awarding-winning VARIO2 IPPoE delivers dedicated high-performance lighting for IP cameras. Hybrid technology delivers all the performance of a stand-alone Infra-Red and a stand-alone White-Light illuminator in a single, fully integrated two-in-one solution, and can be fully integrated into an IP eco-system to provide smart, situation dependent lighting. The range is made up of a number of sizes designed to cover medium and long-range distances.

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Outstanding Distances.

Hybrid delivers distances of up to 450m (1,476ft) of Infra-Red illumination and 195m (640ft) of White-Light illumination - all from a single illuminator.

Fully Programmable.

Control from anywhere on the network. Easy set-up, commissioning, operation and maintenance, minimising labour time and costs whilst maximising performance 24/7.

Integrated Web Interface.

An integrated web interface provides a host of user-defined additional settings and diagnostics tools. Tailor your solution to meet the exact demands of your installation.

Advanced Security.

Greater levels of security, including stricter access controls and HTTPS. Health monitoring and lifetime diagnostics also provide insight into the illuminator’s history and status.


VARIO2 Hybrid illuminators are available in a range of different sizes to suit different applications and requirements.


hy16-1 long-range illuminator


hy8-1 long-range illuminator


hy6-1 medium-range illuminator


hy4-1 medium-range illuminator


Select Option

Max Distance (IR)130m (427 ft)180m (591ft)290m (951ft)450m (1,476ft) - DC supply
378m (1,240ft) - POE supply
Max Distance (WL)70m (230 ft)88m (289 ft)144m (472 ft)195m (640ft) - DC supply
164m (538ft) - POE supply
WavelengthInfra-Red 850nm (940nm options available) & White-LightInfra-Red 850nm & White-LightInfra-Red 850nm (940nm options available) & White-LightInfra-Red 850nm (940nm options available) & White-Light
Total Lumens (WL)745lm per luminaire1,490lm per luminaire2,891lm per luminaire5,692lm per luminaire
CRI (WL)>70
Colour Temp (WL)6000K~
AngleStandard pack includes 10° circular + 35° x 10° (fitted as standard) and 60° x 25°elliptical lenses. Additional optional lenses: 80° x 30°, 120° x 50°
InputPoE+ IEEE 802.3at or 24V DCPoE+ IEEE 802.3at or 24V DC60W PoE (4-pair PoE), IEEE 802.3bt or 24V DC90W PoE (4-pair PoE), IEEE 802.3bt or 24V DC
Consumption15W22W43W77W - DC supply
71W - PoE supply
HTTPSEncryption algorithm: ECDSA (256 bit private keys)
HTTPS CertificateDiscoMan Version 2 required for certificate generation by DiscoMan
Data InputCat 5 Cable
Beam ShapeElliptical with HRT (Hot-spot Reduction Technology)
Number of LEDs9 (6 x IR and 3 x WL)12 (6 x IR and 6 x WL)24 (12 x IR and 12 x WL)48 (24 x IR and 24 x WL)
IP RatingIP66
Temperature Range-50° to +50°C (-58 to 122°F)-50° to +50°C (-58 to 122°F)-50° to +50°C (-58 to 122°F)-50° to +50°C (-58 to 122°F)
Weight950g (2.1lbs)950g (2.1lbs)1.65kg (3.6lbs)3.1kg (6.8lbs)
BracketryU bracket included (VUB Bracketry also available)
See datasheet for full product specifications
Hardware FeaturesQuick Access Software FeaturesAdvanced User Defined Software Features (examples)System IntegrationSecurity and Diagnostics
In-built photocell forIndividual or group control (Groups up to 16 units)Timer functionsAPI for integration into 3rd party platformsAdvanced security
Configurable external outputIndividual control for Infra-Red and White-LightSoft start turn onAPI for integration into network devices via HTTP commandsHTTPS
External telemetry inputPower On/Off3 x deterrent patterns & speedsLifetime diagnostics
Power control: 20-100%Selectable external telemetry input: volt free or TTLAdvanced diagnostics with health monitoring
Deterrent feature with selectable patterns and speedIndividually trigger Infra-Red and White-LightAdministrator and user access levels
Photocell sensitivity trigger levelPassword Protection: create user and administrator passwords
Assign illuminator to group for collective control
Assign name, group name and IP address
Standard and advanced diagnostics
Supported protocols include HTTP, Local and VMS operating modes
See datasheet for full list of features and specification

Product Dimensions.

VARIO2 IP PoE hy4 & hy6
VARIO2 IP PoE hy16


Datasheet - VARIO2 IP PoE - Hybrid Installation Guide - VARIO2 IP PoE Hybrid (Full Rev) Installation Guide - VARIO2 IP PoE Hybrid (Short Rev) A&E Specifications - VARIO2 IP PoE Hybrid Bracket Guide - VARIO Universal Bracket (VUB)
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