VARIO2 Power Supply Unit



The VARIO series of Power Supply Units (PSU) is purpose-designed to correctly power all VARIO illuminators including VARIO IP. It provides a platform for the easiest, quickest and safest wiring and installation. As a full product family, there is a PSU to power any VARIO; 20W, 50W, 100W and 150W PSU options are available. The VARIO PSU has a high quality IP66 aluminium enclosure making it suitable for all environmental conditions. With multiple outputs, installers have the ability to power multiple VARIO illuminators from a single PSU. The VARIO PSU also provides CAT5 connectivity for VARIO IP network illuminators.

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PSU-VAR-20W-1 (small)PSU-VAR-50W-2 (medium)PSU-VAR-100W-2 (large)PSU-VAR-150W-3 (x-large)
Input100-230V AC
Input Fuse Type20mm, slowblow, user replaceable without disconnecting mains input
Input Fuse Rating1A2.5A
Max Output20W50W100W150W
Output for VARIO Illuminators1 for VARIO 2 series2 for VARIO 4 or 6 series or equivalent power units2 for VARIO 8 series or equivalent power units3x VARIO 8 series or equivalent power units
Output Fuse Typeautomotive, blade, user replaceable
Output Fuse Rating3A5A
FastConnect™ wiringQuick and easy wiring for VARIO input and output connections - 4 way robust terminal for telemetry input and photocell following output
White Light status LEDsWhite-Light LED status indicators on all fused outputs to indicate correct voltage and to provide support illumination during installation and maintenance
Cat5 ConnectorN/ACat5 Connector for VARIO IP
Glands2x M16, 2x M12, IP683x M16, 2x M12, IP683x M16, 2x M12, IP684x M16, 2x M12, IP68
Enclosure ConstructionHigh quality, power coated, IP66 aluminium
Dimensions160 x 129 x 61 mm200 x 131 x 61 mm160 x 191 x 81 mm240 x 191 x 81 mm
IP RatingIP66
Temp Range-50 to +50°C (-58 to 122°F)
CertificationCE compliant
Accessories AvailableExternal mounting feet
PSU-VAR-20W-1 (small)PSU-VAR-50W-2 (medium)PSU-VAR-100W-2 (large)PSU-VAR-150W-3 (x-large)
Illuminators (standard)1x VARIO 2 series plus aux output (max 8W)2 x VARIO 4 series 2 x VARIO 6 series2 x VARIO 8 series3 x VARIO 8 series
Other Illuminator options4 x VARIO 2 series*4 x VARIO 4 series* 8 x VARIO 2 series* 4 x VARIO 6 series6 x VARIO 4 series* 6 x VARIO 6 series*
*Please note: for medium, large and x-large PSUs powering an increased number of VARIO illuminators, the total power of the illuminators must be equivalent to the PSU max output - illuminator output cables may also need to be commoned together to suit the number of available glands.
Mixed model sizes of VARIO illuminators can be powered from the same PSU e.g. VAR-PSU-2x4 can also run 2 x VARIO 2 series and 1 x VARIO 4 series


Datasheet - VARIO PSU Installation Instructions - VARIO PSU
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